Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Day In My Life: July 2018

Today I'm linking up with Kristin for her Daily Dime, I thought instead of doing a weekend I would do a random weekday. I decided to document Thursday, July 12th, which turned out to be super not  the ordinary day. Some background I take a vanpool to work, it's through enterprise and my work, and I carpool with 7 other people, this particular van has a dedicated driver.

3:37am - Oops I slept in 15 minutes! But had enough time to pee, wash face, put on some light make up, brush hair and of course get dressed.

3:49am - Out the door to drive to the pick up spot.

4:37am - Van drops me off in front of my building.

4:40am - Sitting at desk, ready to work. (so dusty...I promise I dust and clean)

5:20am -  Can't handle it, need to eat something, I eat my protein bar (I eat one of these every morning)

5:30am - Continue working.

9:00am - Meeting

11:30am - Get take out with work peeps, looking forward to this all week.

12:59pm - Go outside to meet van for pick up to go home, we're going home early today, yay!

2:03pm - Arrive back at the vanpool meet up spot.

2:05pm - Decide to go to Target to see if I can find the First Day of School Chalk Board (they come out this time of year every year)

2:15pm - Return something to Target, and run over to the dollar spot to see if they have the chalk boards, I'm losing hope, and find it in the last spot I look, there are 7 left, I buy all of them.

2:31pm - Arrive home to find my dad picking up the kids to go to the libaray, and Mr. came home early from work, yay!

3:30pm- Leave to go to the library to pick up kids so I can take Baby Fox to karate while Me and Mini Fox go to the gym.

4:01pm - Drop Baby Fox off at Karate

4:05pm - Waiting for Mini Fox to finish using the restroom

4:20pm - Make it over to the gym for my favorite class and friend set me up so I got a spot. Love when people offer to get me a spot, so thankful for gym friends!

5:45pm - Class is over and I head over to pick Mini Fox up from the Kids place

6:01pm- Pick up Baby Fox from Karate

6:25pm - Arrive at parents because Baby Fox forgot his blankie in my dad's car, when he took them to the library.

7:06pm - Back in the car driving home because the kids are starving.

7:18pm - Mr. gives the kids a bath while I fix a quick dinner

7:35pm - Eat dinner

8:30pm - Start getting kids ready for bed.

8:50pm- Kids are down and I am finishing up my blog post for Friday.

9:35pm - Taking shower and the lights go off, have to finish my shower by lantern, that Mr. brought when I yelped for HELP! Showering in completely darkness is strange and very horror flickish.

10:11pm - Mr. tells me that our new umbrella has solar lights. We turn them on to see what they look like, pretty darn cool! And much brighter than we thought they would be.

10:20pm - Come to realization that we are not getting power back before we go to bed...so we sit on the couch and talk a bit...before going to bed.

11:00pm - Decide to go to bed.

3am - Mini Fox wakes up and freaks out that there are no lights on in her room (she has the bightest night light of life).

3:02am- Mini Fox's crying wakes up Baby Fox, he starts to break down a bit, but composes himself when I tell them that they can both have a lantern in their room. (I have stashed enough for each of us around the house)

3:05am - I retrieve all of the lanterns, turn them all on, tuck the kids back in and go back to bed.

3:10am - I am back in bed...but this is the time I normally wake up...so lay there for a while, eventually i fall back asleep, the last I looked the clock said 3:30am.

7:03am - Power is finally back on! I knew you guys would want to know that info.

Woah, that was a long day and a few hours. Thanks for getting through that with me. This was a totally abnormally busy day, okay my days are busy, but usually not THIS busy...and exciting with no power.

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