Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Favorite #176: Birthday Edition

Hello Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! Yay, and it's a long weekend, love long weekends! So let's get to my favorites.

Yesterday was my birthday! I had a great day, I left work early, went to the Container Store (wow that makes me sound old that I like going to the Container Store), went to the gym and then dinner with my family. It was a great day, considering I had to work! I think everyone should get their birthday off as a floating holiday at work.

Don't be jealous, Mini Fox made me my birthday crown. You can't see it, but it has jewels all over it.

How awesome is this cake? I'm so spoiled, lemon fox cake for the win!

Thank you to all of you who sent birthday messages, it was so sweet! Here to an even better year. Next year the big 4-0. What should I do? What did you do or plan to do for your 40th?


I got a sursprise gift in the mail from my friend sweet of her to surprise me with all of my favorite things. She knows me well! And the card she sent was personalized! Say what?! I don't even know how she did it, but it was amazing, and so thoughtful. I'm so lucky to have such good friends.

Baby Fox started school on Monday. He's a big second grader.

In case you were wondering, I used chalk marker on the sign and no it won't come off, and yes I bought a bunch when I was at Target, so I don't have to stress again for 3 years trying to find another first day of school sign, haha!

I knew he wouldn't let me take a selfie when we got to school, so I took one while walking.

That little girl sitting next to him was in his class last year. In case you were can't tell from this picture, but there are 20 boys and 8 girls...good luck to his teachers!

Mom tribe, we made it through summer. All of our boys are in the same class this year.

 Mini Fox starts school next week, so you'll be seeing those next Friday.

Other random things happening...

This girl got her second hair cut, ever.

We met up for dinner at the park with some friends, they transferred into our school this year, so happy to have them there. I also went to elementary school with the guy waving, he was one of my brothers best friends.

This kid got his hair this barber place had 12 chairs and constant clients...probably because of the $9 price tag.

We went to concert in the park.

Hanging out with Mini Fox's bestie. Funny enough they are 3 weeks apart, and he started kinder this year, while Mini Fox has to wait another year. Fingers crossed he repeats so they can be in the same class...kidding, sort of.

Bought soccer shoes for everyone...she's the only one that wanted to wear them home.

Got one last late night ice cream fun in before school started.

This girl started soccer, her very first practice. Up until now, it was only show up 20 minutes before game to practice. We're big time now.

Team huddle!

Oh my gosh, I watch Brooklyn and Bailey (Their mom is Cute Girls Hairstyles which I get a lot of my hair tutorials from) and is it okay to say you're jealous of their dorm room? How cute did they decorate? Such a good idea to use contact paper to change the look of the walls, doesn't harm the wall and you get a completely different look. Going to remember that one!

I just saw a 9 minute sneak peek of this show, and I can't wait to watch it! Mr. and I are totally into Sci-Fi, so this is right up our alley! Who's going to watch this with me? September 24th! Okay, okay, September 25, Hulu and us have a date!

That's all I have for today. This weekend I'm in partying prepping mode. I have done NOTHING! Lots of DIY to do, I might not sleep, but that's okay, I got this! Plus Mini Fox's bestie and his brother and spending the night while their parents are away for an anniversary get away, all of the kids are counting down the days.

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