Wednesday, July 24, 2019

NSale Purchases

Hi Foxy Friends! Well that was a longer break than intended! Summer has me running all over the place. But I couldn't pass up tradition and not tell you what I got at the #NSale. Truth be told, I only got the nordstrom card so I could have early access and then guess who didn't realize the Nsale was happening and got it on the last day of early access. Darn it! Oh well, there is always next year!  I've gotten a few things, and so far I haven't kept anything.

Oh and as of right now, 11pm PDT Tuesday night, everything I mention right now is still in stock.

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This sweater is so darn cute, but looks like I am wearing a whole sheep, it comes up so far on my face it looks like I'm getting ready to hunker down for a 10 year winter. Returned.

I also got a couple of sweaters to try out. I need a new sweater like a need a hole in my head, but they were calling my name...really they were. I wanted a light weight sweater to wear to the gym, and all of mine are dark colors, I really wanted a lighter color. I also got another cardigan for work, I have a maroon one that I wear all the time, and this one comes pretty close to it.

Speaking of outter layers, for someone who can really only wear them 2.5 (and that is stretching it) of the year, I really do own too many jackets and sweaters. But I almost always add a couple during the sale, I'm hoping this really work out, and they were super reasonably priced too. I love the drappy-ness of this jacket, I have a similar one that is grey, so of course I need a black one too. I don't have a faux suede jacket, so of course I had to get that one too. Both in black, oops!

I got this shirt in two colors, a black and a stripe and both of them are see through. No joke, I held it up to my face and my son said, I can see your face through your shirt. Then when I put it on, it was so wide, I could probably fit my whole body through the go. Both returned.

I'm on the hunt for a pair of black pants to replace the super comfortable black pants I already own...Hoping this or this one works out. But if all else fails, the camo will make me feel better right? Loving the lighter camo look.

I have to admit that the shoe selection was a bit disappointing. I usually get a few pairs, but this time I only got two. I got these boots. I always have problems with knee high boots, but these are so cute and they came in wide calf, all measurements seem like they will fit, fingers crossed.

The other pair was a pair of Vans, like I need another pair of slip on shoes, but hey, I can't say no to polka dots.

I  also got a few pairs of no show socks. I'm really hoping these work, currently I wear no socks with slip ons, but sometimes you just want some socks ya know? I got these, these and these. I hope they work out! 

And an honorable mention, this cute bralette is price matched, currently 30% off, making it $26. It's the one everyone is wearing and is oh so cute. I can see it with some rompers now.

Okay that is really everything I bought. Typically I end up returning about half, but I really hope it all works out! Okay, I don't really need both jackets, so I'll probably choose one and return the other. Othe than that, I really hope it all stays! I'll keep you posted.

What's in your shopping cart? Anything else that I need to get?

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