Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Non Candy Valentine's Day Gift for Boys and Girls - Tik Tac Toe

 Hi Foxy Friends! I cannot believe that it is almost February! How did that happen? I have a fun non candy Valentine's Day treat to share today. You can get some of the stuff from Dollar Tree, but make sure to go early next year. I got my stuff 2nd week of January and when I went back a week later, all of it was gone. So make sure to be on it for next year! But good news, Amazon has all of the stuff too, and for a reasonable price too. So no need to panic, you still have time to put this together! Really you could make these for any occassion, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July. Just change out the jewel color or rock colors. Okay let's get to the quick tutorial:

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Things You'll Need:

Heart Burlap Bag

Plain Bag (4x6)

Acrylic Hearts

Black Rocks (similar)

White Permanent Vinyl

Black Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Craft Pick

Contact Paper


Cricut I Use

Easy Press I Used, but you could use a household iron as well.

Parchment Paper

Note: If you don't have a Cricut you can always use a fabric pen for the Tic Tac Toe and a Paint Pen for the rocks.


Here is a video I put together on how to make this. I would consider this a beginner Cricut project. I can't wait to give it to our friends.

Step 1:  Create the correct size X's and O's and tic tac toe board and names if you are personalizing it in cutting machine program and cut out. If you would like the SVG that I created, please email me!

Step 2: Iron on the names and tic tac toe on your bag. If you got bags with hearts on it, iron on the name over the heart. If you didn't get the bag with a heart on it, cut out a heart with HTV and iron that on first and then iron the name on. In general I do 305°F on my Easy Press, but look at the directions of your heat transfer vinyl. Place your HTV on the bag, then put a piece of parchment paper between your HTV and your iron or press. Make sure to try and not put the iron over the strings of the bag. Sometimes if there is a little unevenness it is hard to get a good press and will result in your HTV not sticking.

Step 3: Put your X's and O's on your gems or stones. I didn't use the transfer tape, but if you want perfection use your transfer tape, but I found it to be faster to not use it. With how many of them you have to place, I would definitely just use them like stickers.

Step 4: Package them up super cute to give to your friends.

Here is a pin for later:

Other things you might be interested in from the video:

Watch Band

Tee Shirt

Nails (wearing Blue In Peru with Mount Crushmore Glitter Overlay)

Curling Wand Used

Make up is mostly from my friend Becky, you can find her on FB or IG, she has some good deals, and it's pretty much all I wear.
Face: CCTM in Medium and Original Foundation in Tan
Eyebrows: Rustic Brown
Eyes: Plum Berry, Amethyst, Deep Plum, Shell Glitter and Pink Opal Shimmer in the inner corner
Blush: Plum Berry (yep you can use shadow for blush too!)
Lips: Lexie Bear-y, Kiss For A Cause, Lexie Bear-y, glossy gloss
Eyelashes: House Of Lashes in Boudoir

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