Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Favorites #8

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today is my day off and the kids have only at home work because they're going back to school full time next week! So they had to take today to change the classrooms over to accommodate all of the kids. So excited, I'm taking the kids to lunch and to some flower fields to hopefully get some amazing pictures. This was the last time we went.

Okay onto my favorites of the week.

I'm joining the ladies again from #StyledAcrossTheStates for another week, this week we're styling dresses. During the summer I pretty much live in dresses, they are just so easy, not constricting and keeps you cool. This is my newest one that I got from my Sweetly Striped. I know I keep talking about Jessica's shop, but I just can't help but buy everything! I swear I get nothing from promoting her, I just really love her shop!

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This dress is just too cute. I do have to get it altered a bit in the straps, and looking at these pictures, I think I'm going to get the hem taken up a bit. With short legs I'm constantly getting things altered.

Dress / Shoes (similar)/ Jacket (Similar) / Earrings (got them from here, they are no longer available but have other great options) / Bracelets (Sweetly Striped...again) / Necklace (Sweetly Striped, are we surprised at this point?)

I've been all about the dainty necklaces lately, this one fits the bill perfectly.

The easiest way to pull a look together is a jean jacket. Old Navy has some great options. I like having longer ones and cropped ones depending on your outfit.

You can't tell from above, but I just love the mini striped detail on this dress.

Today is my Dad's birthday! He's turning 75! I couldn't imagine a better Grandpa for my kids, he is constantly picking them up from school and taking them for French fries (Pre Covid), hopefully that starts up again soon! Goes to all the games and sometimes practices too.

Things happening around our house lately. Mr. and I got a new mattress. We decided to try and mattress in a box. I'll let you know how we like it. Our first night was Thursday night, so I'll let you know.

We had Indian food the other night and forgot how much we loved it. But it was quite pricey, so we decided to try and make it in our own. By we, I mean me...I made Mr. found the recipe. I made Tiki Masala, homemade Naan and garlic butter rice, it was so delicious, and it will be happening again!

Our towel rack Mr. is trying to fix it, see the next picture.

He rigged it upside down and filled the base with cement...two days later and it's still drying, I'll keep you posted.

I'm making a cup for a friend, thought I'd share how I made them. I spray paint a cup.

Glitter it

Epoxy it, and then add some quote or pictures to's currently still spinning so I can't show you the finished product yet. Check out my IG in a couple of days and you'll probably see the finished product.

We have some new friends in our garden...hopefully we get to see them turn into butterflies.

Got my second shot on Monday and I'm so happy to be done, 11 more days and I'll be fully vaccinated! A lot of our friends are getting their second shots soon, so we can maybe start seeing more friends soon! At least go out to dinner! Happy for that, and hoping the numbers continue to go down where I live.

The kids are in Kindness Club at school (via Zoom) and each week they have a specific task of kindness to try and do, this week was to make food for someone. Mini Fox made me my favorite lemonade and Baby Fox made me a fruit bowl.

 Other then that, life is starting to pick back up. Slowly starting to get busy. This kid has sports 6 days a week, but he never complains about it. Baseball, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Football on Thursday and Fridays.

This girl has horseback riding too. She really wants to get back to gymnastics, so hopefully when Mr. and I fully vaccinated and Baby Fox is down to one sport we can start her back up in that!

Mini Fox's riding pants, under $25, in case you need a pair. Good quality and comfortable, she loves them.

Alright, I think that's it for this post. A lot of pictures I know. Thanks for sticking with me. See you all next week!

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