Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Reverse Bucket List

It's another Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea, this time the topic is reverse bucket list, when we share the things that were on a bucket list but are no longer on the list. Fun!

I think my first one would definitely be skydiving! I didn't know I wanted to sky dive until my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him, sure why not? You can see the Vlog I did that day here.

Twirling our way down.

Coming in for a landing

Back before kids, Mr. said that before we had kids we wanted to take a vacation to Italy, which we did. We went with another couple and had the time of our lives! We did so much, but still wanted to do more. I hope that one day we can get back there, but for now, so glad that we got to go on one last big trip before the kids came.

Throwing coins in Trevi Fountain.

I actually took this picture, looks like a post card right?!
Is it okay to write have kids? It was on my bucket list at one point in my life and now I have two beautiful children. So lucky to call these kids mine, they are one of the best things to happen to me. They keep me on my toes, test my patience and show what unconditional love feels like.

Riding horseback in Bora Bora on a private island tour (unfortunately they no longer do this).

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean, you don't even need to be certified, ask for a resort dive, you only go down 40-50 meters so if something happens, you could ultimately swim to the surface. We've done it a couple of times now, and every time has been fun.

So what are some of the reverse bucket list items you've done? Something that I need to add to mine?

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Monday, September 25, 2017

TBB Talks: School Food

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today I'm back with The Blended Blog to talk about school lunches. First we'll start off with what I liked to get at school. If you are stopping by from Nicole's blog, hello! She does lunches good, man, I need to take notes from that one, and have a kid that will eat something!

When I was in elementary school I loved when I could buy the thing that looks like McDonalds McRib. Sort of looked like this, and it came with tator tots, super healthy.

I also loved buy when it was pizza day, those square pizza's and I especailly loved eating the corners because they were crunchy.

And then I loved when the dessert were these cute triangle Popsicles, I mean who doesn't love that?

After those three things I can't really remember anything in elementary school. Moving onto High School  (I don't remember ever buying in Junior High). I ate so horrible in high school. I ate a bean and cheese burrito, you know the ones that used to be frozen in the plastic wrap and a giant chocolate chip cookie and a soda at least 2 times a week, if not three. 
If I wasn't eating that, then I usually brought cold left over dinner. For whatever reason I didn't mind...actually it wasn't even cold, there wasn't such thing as a freezer pack for your lunch. You brought a brown paper sack, your lunch was in your locker getting to room temp so when it came time for eating left over dinner, it was room temp. My favorite was rice a roni and spaghetti...I know so strange right. I couldn't even fathom eating that now.

Baby Fox...man he's a picky eater. So far we've been going between half of a sunflower seed butter and honey sandwich or rolled up turkey, some fruit (half an apple or a handful of grapes), and some baby carrots. Most days half of what I just said comes back. I wonder how he lives sometimes. But everyday I put in a note in his lunch. I was convinced he wasn't reading them, so one day I didn't put one in and he comes home that night and asks me where the note was today. So I guess he does read them.

Mini Fox and Mr. sometimes get in on the action too.

So what sort of things do you give your kids for lunch, I need ideas! Link up your school food posts below!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

$150 Sephora Giftcard Giveaway!

Happy Sunday friends?! Guess what we're doing today? Getting our family photos done. I know it seems early, but really it's not. You get the time slot you want with your photographer, you get your pictures back earlier, you're not wondering when you're going to get them back, so that you can order your holiday cards. It's just a good idea to do it. What better way to celebrate family picture day then you do a giveaway for $150 to Sephora, I mean mama's gotta look good right? Click here for 5 tips to picking out family photoshoot outfits.

Prize: $150 Sephora Gift Card

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: What Brings Me Joy

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I'm so excited to be joining CrystalBeth, Jessica, and Stephanie for What Brings Me Joy. I love this link up as it reminds us to stop and really think about the little things that bring you joy. This month Heather from My Glittery Heart and I are the co-hosts!

Celebrating my cousin who is pregnant with her second girl. I love that I have so many cousins, so we get lots of new baby snuggles. This prevents me from actually having another baby when I get to love on someone else's baby and then hand them back. Haha. Last weekend was her baby shower and it was so much fun with so much love and support, it was awesome, and just made me incredibly happy, and made the 3 hour drive (round trip) worth it!


Celebrating weddings also makes me incredibly happy. I mean who doesn't love a good wedding. It was on the beach, I mean people were having to lift up their feet as the waves rolled in, haha. But the bride and groom were so happy, and did not stop smiling the whole time. Funny, they both live in Austin, met each other and then found out both of their families lived miles apart. Funny how the world works like that.

I just love this picture of the happy couple.

Beach days bring me joy. For whatever reason we didn't really go to the beach in years past, even though we live about 20 minutes away, crazy right? Lately we've been getting to the beach more often and I'm loving it. The kids can play, dig and are more independent, so Mr. and I can really sit back and relax and watch the kids play.

Those are random kids my kids found to play with, it was awesome that kids just look at each other say, hey can I dig with you and they are besties.

I mean views like this, yes please! Plus the can play for 6+ hours before we really need to leave, and even then they want to stay longer.

The last time we went apple picking I looked like this (6ish months pregnant) with Baby Fox.:

Now we have two kids...crazy.

Meeting up with friends make it even more fun to go apple picking. This lady was one of my first friends when I moved here. She has since moved away, but we have tried to get together.

The gang is back together again. We're just missing another family, next year we're dragging them with!


Being silly with my family brings me joy too. Just having random family day or doing errands together, or cleaning up together, really anything that we're together for brings me joy.

In case you can't see, Baby Fox is trying to discretely blow that straw wrapper in my face.


Snuggles just before bed are the best.

Make sure to go visit the other co-hosts and see what brings them joy this month.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Three Things: September Edition

I saw Rebecca Jo do this at Knit By God's Hand and HAD to participate too, how fun is this? Stephanie from Life According to Steph posts these sporadically, but I'm going to copy her topics for this month too...

Three Things  - September:    


Three experiences I recommend 

Sky diving, I know some people say they would never and while I wouldn't go again on my own, unless someone wanted me to go with them, it was the most amazing experience EVER.

Going on the Scavi Tour when in Rome, the BEST tour ever, and only a handful of people get to do it each day, be sure to be that person and get your tickets early. WORTH IT!

Stay on an over water hut in a tropical place. It's just fun and worth the splurge. We even changed hotel rooms for a few nights and then went back to a regular room, so we could experience it and stay a bit longer.

Three pieces of advice for everyone

Wake up and choose to love your partner everyday.

90% of your happiness in life is who you marry (my mom had this saying on our kitchen wall for years, along with other rules, which I can't remember, but this always stuck out, because I think it is so, so true)

Kids are kids, they won't remember spilling milk on the floor, but they will remember when you yelled at them for the spilled milk and how it made them feel. After all it's just spilled milk...accidents happen, remember that next time it happens.

Three things I'd give up in a second

Being allergic to the world

Wow this is harder then I thought, to not go morbid on this one...my first instinct was to say, my life if it meant my kids got to live...which is super morbid, but I do really feel like this, so I'll keep it.

Working - if we could swing it (which we can't right now).

Three things that are always in my fridge

Milk (which only the kids drink)


Diet Soda (bad habit I know, but it's so good)

Three things that are always in my freezer

Orange Chicken from Trader Joe's

Frozen Chicken Fried Rice from Trader Joe's (best quick lunch/dinner when you just need something to eat)

Frozen veggies

Three things that are always in my pantry


Ketchup (seriously if we run out it's panic time, haha)

Package dessert mix (brownies, cake mix...you never know when you'll need it)

Three most often used makeup products

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. By purchasing through Foxy's Domestic Side, you're helping me to continue creating fun things for this space.

Under eye Concealer, this one is my favorite for the last 2 years.

Make Up Forever Pro finish powder-foundation

Lipsense lip color, right now and I'm obsessed and it's really bad. I only have 2 more colors on my MUST have list then I think I can cool it for a while, my pocket book will thank me.

This is 3 coats Fly Girl with glossy gloss, although I think most of the gloss had some off by the time I took this picture at the end of the night.
Three things I'll spend money on


Make Up


All superficial I know.

Three things I won't spend money on

Apps for my phone

Disneyland passes, haha, they are just too expensive...maybe I might change my mind, but for now, nope.

Something that I can't buy outright, no loans for me, if that means a less fancy car, so be it.

So what are some of your three things?

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One More Swing Dress

Hello Foxy Friends! Happy Wednesday! It's almost the end of my week, woo hoo! Taking half day tomorrow and I have Friday off, except both days I have to take the kids to appointments. Thursday they are off to the dentist and then Friday Mini Fox has to go get a wart frozen off, NOT looking forward to that. I'm commissioned my Dad to come help so he can hold her down if necessary. I don't think I can do it, I want to cry just thinking about it. Okay moving on to outfit talk.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. By purchasing through Foxy's Domestic Side, you're helping me to continue creating fun things for this space.

You can never have too many swing dresses right? At least I don't think you can. I saw this at Old Navy and HAD to get it. It fits like a dream is super soft and I want to wear it all the time. I might have to go buy it in more patterns. I'm probably only going to be able to wear this for another month or so, so I'll cherish the time I have with my new dress before the weather changes.

One more thing:

A few blogger friends are doing a Common Threads Challenge. I just love the thought behind this. Instead of picking out a capsule wardrobe, which for me is super scary, you pick out 5 things from your closet and use one of those 5 pieces in each outfit in October. So if you pick a shirt, shoes, skirt, dress and long sleeve top, you pick on of those 5 things, and incorporate that into your outfit. I just love it. Makes you stretch your mind, because it's a month long thing. So pick your items wisely and join them/me! Can't wait to start!

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