Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Favorite Sweaters and What Up Wednesday

Hi Foxy Friends! Welcome to another week of The Blended Blog Style.

I got this sweater at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and finally it's starting to get cooler...actually not true, it was cold for 6 seconds and then we're back up to 80's...good news though, we are going back down to the 60's, next week for Christmas, yay for colder weather for Christmas!

Today I'm also linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. I like looking back on these, especially since it's the same questions each month, click here for the past months.

What we're eating this week:

Meatloaf on Sunday, then we were going to eat left overs for Monday and Mr. comes home and says there isn't enough meatloaf to eat tonight, I think we should get pizza, so pizza we got. We recently found a pizza place near us, where you can get a bacon chicken ranch and it is SOOO good! So we get half that and then half of whatever Mr. wants. Yum! I should take a picture next time, don't worry we get pizza every 10 days or bad right? What do you like on your pizza?

What I'm reminiscing about:

This time last year, how much the kids have grown and how many new experiences they've gone though this past year. I can't wait to see what next year has in store for us!

What I'm loving:

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I have been loving all of these things. I have the tee in 5 or 6 colors, they are so comfy, I want to wear it ALL the time. The Exfoliator I got in my FabFitFun box and I love it. I use it once a week, and it makes my skin feel so soft. My friend got my the eyeliner for my birthday and I am obsessed! I used to use this one religiously, but since discovering this new one...oh my goodness, winged eyeliner game is perfect. It goes on gorgeous over eye shadow and it doesn't pick it up like some other ones do and make it less pigmented. So pretty. And the boots, holy cow, they fit over my big calves...I repeat they fit over my calves. And rumor has it (or reviews online), say that it fits skinny calves too...go get them, they are $50 and worth every penny! I just got these fairy lights and they are so fun! Remote control and on a timer, so it goes on automatically. So dang cool right? 4 strands for $20 making it $5 a strand, easy decision to buy! They can go anywhere in the house.

What we've been up to:

Spending time with my family, keeping busy with getting ready for Christmas, trying to squeeze in time to see my friends before the Holidays.

What I'm dreading:

I'm off for 10 days with the kids and I'm already dreading going back to work in the new year! Boo!

What I'm working on:

Trying to come up with content for the new year and come up with some videos for my YouTube Channel. Anyone have any requests?

What I'm excited about:

Christmas and Baby Fox's birthday! I'm going to be making him this cake this year. He's looking forward to turning 7 because we told him he couldn't drink soda until he turned 7. (Back Story: I drink Diet 7-Up and once he asked us if he could have some and we told him it was caleld 7-Up and that it meant that you couldn't have it unless you were 7 or stuck, so he's super excited to drink it)

What I'm watching/reading:

I guess this counts as watching/listening. But have you seen this guy? His videos ARE SO GOOD and unique. I mean the coordinating and preplaning that goes into this...amazing. Plus Pitch Perfect 3...who else is excited?

What I'm listening to:

Michael Buble christmas album. You can listening to it too...

Just found this song with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli doing Perfect together, so dang pretty.

What I'm wearing: 

See the beginning of this post. I did buy a red dress for Christmas, so excited to wear it! It's sold out and I can't find it, darn. But will try and take pictures and show case next week, if I can.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Doing a lot of baking, see above and then I have to make probably 400+ more cookies because we went through the 600 from the other day...oops! Don't worry I didn't eat them, I gave them all away.

Hoping we can find time to get away to see some Christmas lights. Plus my brother will be in town for the weekend, so we're looking forward to spending time with him.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Meeting up with some friends (Lana, Deena and Abbie) in Seattle. Woo hoo, so excited to hug them and get to spend almost 3 days with them exploring, eating and shopping!

What else is new:

Not much else is new. Planning stuff for next year and excited for everything we have going on. Calendar is starting to fill up, which I love!

Bonus Question: What is the best gift you've given a guy?

Hmmm...what is the best gift I have given Mr.? Well it's always something he doesn't want. But I really like the Bose system (this isn't the one I got him, but it is Alexa compatible, that's pretty cool) I got him, it's portable so it doesn't have to be plugged in.

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