Monday, December 4, 2017

TBB Asks: December Edition

Hi, hi Foxy Friends! I know two posts in one day, but I couldn't pass up the monthly #TBBAsks with The Blended Blog. So here we go.

1. Real or Fake Tree? Always Fake. Growing up my parents always had fake...and now that I'm an adult, still fake. I had to convince Mr. to get a fake one. I am super allergic to Christmas trees, so that was the ultimate reason he gave in and we got a fake one when we got married. But now he loves it, he loves not having to deal with a real one. I sort of love it too, plus I can breathe and stuff.

I just did a video on how we decorate our Traditional Christmas tree.

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie? I had a lot of food allergies before, and now that they are gone I am slowly making my way through all of the good things to eat. But so far my favorite Christmas cookies are the Spritz Cookies I make. I think mostly it reminds me of my Grandma and growing up. So I guess it's more of a sentimental thing.

3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel? Before kids we always went to my parents, we went to my parents when Baby Fox was 1, and then we decided it was too much work to bring the baby plus all of the we started staying home, and I love it!

4. Clear or Colored Lights? Both? I like clear lights on the fancy tree, and colored lights on our family tree. Mr. and the kids prefers colored lights.

5. Send Christmas Cards? Always send Christmas cards. I'm pretty sure Mr. likes it almost more than me. I have mine, just need to seal all of them up. I wish they came with the self sticky envelopes, I would pay extra for that.

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received? Does Baby Fox count? He was born on Christmas I'm going to count that, a gift from God.

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given? So many, like many others, I always take time to think of things for each one of my friends and family. I won't say giving Baby Fox to Mr...cause that's like cheating. Actually this year, I made some of my girlfriends a sweater that says "Wines Well With Others" They all loved it.

8. Stockings or No Stockings? Yep definitely stockings. I think that's my favorite part of Christmas.

9. Christmas PJ's? We used to do family PJ's, but one can only buy family PJ's for so long before the Mr. gets tired of wearing now we just buy copious amounts for the children to make up for it.



10. Favorite Christmas Carol? Silent Night by Christmas Carolers.

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition? So many to choose from. I love watching the Polar Express at the start of the Christmas season. It just makes it feel like Christmas, this is only the second year we've been doing this, but if you do it twice that's considered a tradition right?

12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? I like to try and be early, but mostly I get it done the weekend before Christmas. I buy some stuff in July at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. This year I didn't have as much luck as I have in the past though.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show? Love Actually, it's just the perfect movie. Oh and The Holiday, totally predictable but super cute.

14.  Favorite Holiday Beverage? Does hot apple cider count? I'm not much for drinks...and don't havea spirited drink that I like during the Holiday.

15. Cookie and Milk for Santa? Oh course, how he is going to keep going throughout the night? Back when Baby Fox was about 3, we told him to put milk and cookies out for Santa and he took it to the front door, cause duh there is no way a fat man is fitting down our chimney, haha.

Thanks for linking up with us and continuing to make it a success!

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