Tuesday, December 19, 2017

10 Favorite Pictures of 2017

Hi Foxy Friends! I was so tired from the weekend I decided to take Monday off...although I missed not posting about decorations around my house. Perhaps I can get it together and do an after Christmas post, haha. I missed Erin's last lin up for the 10th on the 10th, but better late than never?  Anyway, her last prompt was our 10 favorite photos from this year. I think it's going to be hard to pick, but I'll try. I'll start at the beginning of the year and work my way to the end.

| ONE |

January - Being at the end of the year, and she is no longer is in a crib or in a toddler bed but a full size bed, makes me love this picture even that much more.

| TWO |

February - Taking  Mini Fox to see her first movie - Lego Batman


March - We were waiting for Mini Fox's ballet class to get out and Baby Fox wanted to take silly picture. I don't know why this makes me laugh every time.

| FOUR |

April - Love our yearly flower field pictures.

| FIVE |

When you go on a trip to a different country to meet up with fellow bloggers that you've never met before and you ask them to take this picture and they immediately jump into action without batting and eye or questioning you, you know you found your people. Thank you Blended Blog ladies, Love you!

| SIX |

Our first family trip, where we drove 5 hours, stayed in a hotel and did all sorts of touristy things. Here is Sequoia


Our trip to Yosemite this year. I just love this picture of the Guys and the kids...and the girls holding hands, so sweet. We've known this family for almost 7 years and am so happy/thankful to have met them and become as close as we are.


7th year Trick or Treating together and it's just as fun this year as it was 7 years ago. And I love that we all still get dressed up.

| NINE |

Our most recent trip to Arizona, where we did so many amazing things, but I just love this picture. Even though you can't see our faces, I just love it.

| TEN |

This picture...I dreamed of taking this picture right here for a year...as soon as we took last years Christmas cards, I knew I wanted to take this years at this pier, and the pictures turned out EXACTLY how I imagined they would, even better. Now where the heck are we going to take pictures for next year?! I have one idea left, but the kids need to be a few years older, darn.

So those are some of my favorite pictures from 2017, I mean there were a ton, but if I could only pick 10. These would be it. So what are your favorite pictures of this year?

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