Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Best Way To Store Your Christmas Cards

Happy Tuesday Foxy Friends! Today is day 10 of  Blogmas, and today we are talking about whatever Christmas-y thing we wanted. I have so many DIY's in the works that I thought I would share a fun DIY project I thought of last year, but didn't get around to doing until this year.

You know all of those Christmas/Holiday/New Years cards you get every year? Well I keep them all, anything anyone sends me I keep. I mentioned that in my Why You Should Buy Holiday Cards Every Year and now I'm going to show you how I am going to keep them from now on. Originally I was going to put them in scrapbooks like this...start with our Christmas card and work from there.

In this book I was able to get 4 years, but those were years that we didn't have as many cards as we receive now. I realized that was going to be a lot of books, of which I store in a cabinet and never bring out. I just love looking at old pictures, so I wanted them to be accessible. So I thought, hey let's put them on a ring, put them in a cute box, display for Christmas Decorations. Done. Super Simple DIY

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What You'll Need:

Cute Box To Store Cards In (I found mine at Hobby Lobby last year, and I saw a similar one this year too, this one and this one is personalized, that's pretty cool)

All of your old Christmas Cards

Binder Rings (originally Mr. bought me some cute red ones, pictured, but then I quickly realized those were too small, so I bought 3" ones, which are way too big, so I would go with 2" ones)


Step One:

Punch holes into cards. I tried to get them so they all faced the same way, so position the cards accordingly. But ultimately even the ones I did horizontal instead of vertical, still worked out, So really just have at it and get it done quickly. Took me about an hour to get through 5 years worth of cards.

What to do with christmas cards

Now repeat 100 times.

What to do with all of these Holiday Cards

Step Two:

Put cards through the ring.

Storing Christmas Cards

Step Three:

Put all the cards in a box

What to do with Christmas Cards Each Year

I think it is so super cute! I sort of even like the bigger rings, as you can grab them to pull them out of the box. I haven't decided on how I want to designate the year. Right now there is a piece of paper on the back with the year...but a lot of the cards have the year on them, so I think I will be able to figure it out, even without a card designated.

So if you ever want to send me a card, know I'm keeping them all, and if you want to know what card you sent to me in 2011, I have that, 2017, yep have that too.

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