Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Favorites #142

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! How is it December already?! Crazy pants...that means in 25 days I'm going to have a 7 year old (oh yea and Christmas too), queue the tears...waahh!!! Today is my day off, and I'm off to the gym, and then maybe some shopping...cause who doesn't want to shop on their day off while the kids are in school. I have 4 hours to do what I want...yeah. So let's get this started, warning picture heavy.

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It's been so long since I've done a Friday favorites, I'm lacking on my catching you up on daily life. I guess we'll start with before Thanksgiving. We took the kids the Polar Express and the North Pole experience out in Arizona. I've been waiting to do this for over a year with them. I found out about it in September of 2016, but it was too late to go last year, so I made sure we got the reservations and the tickets for this year. We left on Friday after traffic died down and the kids did fantastic! 

We stopped in this random town called Needles to eat at a diner. I curled her hair, and she was feeling super sassy. They had a game on all the tables for the people to play.

We met up with some friends and ate dinner.

While driving there, we realized that we were only going to be an hour away from the Grand Canyon, say what?! Of course we had to go, so Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and headed out there.

The view was stunning! We didn't plan very well, so we took a short mile walk to a museum, and enjoyed the view then headed back after a couple of hours walking around.

Wow was it cold, and holy cow we were not prepared AT ALL!

One of my favorite pictures. Too bad Baby Fox was looking down, but I promise he was looking at it.

Knocked out on the way back home.

That night we did the Polar Express and boy was it a blast! Just like the book, dancing waiters, hot chocolate and cookies. The kids just loved every minute of it.

We had heard that sunrise at the Grand Canyon was amazing...we asked the kids if they wanted to wake up super early to go, and they both screamed YES! So we woke up at 5am, and drove out there to watch the sunrise.

tip: If you decide to go watch the sunrise, so does a hundred other people, so be prepared to wait at the gate to get in...could take a while, so go WAY earlier than you think you need to go. We were running from the car to the canyon. We made it.

It was so freakin' cold. We were not really prepared clothes wise. Luckily Mr. put this jacket into the car last minute. You're welcome Mr. for me making you put that in there, you would have been even more cold had you only had the sweater that you originally had.

Sleepy heads.

After we got back we hung out at the hotel for a bit, and then got some lunch and headed to Bearizona, if you haven't been there, you HAVE to go. You drive your car through animal sections and you are getting up close and personal with them. Case in point...

At the end of the drive there is a zoo for you to go to. It has smaller animals, but the kids loved it.

Our little animal lover, couldn't get enough of the "petting zoo" section.

They had an amazing bird show.

After we got back it was time to head to Flagstaff for the North Pole Experience.

In case you wanted to know our shirts say "Together we can do anything #FamilyGoals"

The North Pole Experience is working in Santa's workshop, they first helped dress bears for Santa.

Notice the upside down shirt on the bear. So dang cute.

Then we headed to get milk and cookies at Mrs. Clause's Bakery.

Then we headed to Elf University, where the kids were made honorary elves, cause when you help Santa out you become an elf. Of course my kids are in the front row.

Afterwards we headed to the mail room to write letters to Santa.

And of course we got some one-on-one time with Santa himself.

Monday morning the kids were in point, she's hugging a ketchup bottle.

We had the most fantastic time, so much so we already booked our trip for next year!

I feel like I haven't done one of these in a while, linking up with The Blended Blog for Friday Loves.

Have you read Abbie from Grumbling Grace? She is so dang funny and I just LOVE her newest post from yesterday. 10 Gifts to give parents that to annoy them. Go check it out and get ready to laugh.

If you ever wonder how to to beachy waves, go check out Annie's tutorial, where she is sharing how she does her hair and what her favorite products are. I can't get enough tutorials. She even put together a YouTube video and rumor has it, she has a make up tutorial coming out soon too!

Shea always comes up with such great link ups, the one she has going this month is pretty awesome too. It's called Live Your Best Life For Less, where we try to remember the reason for the season, try to slow down and look around a bit more. Really enjoy what we have and those people around us.

Here are the prompts for the month.

Here are some things I've been loving around the internet lately.

I love when this couple puts these videos out, so fun. This is a blast from all of the old TV shows. You can't help but sing along.

These look so good, and really you could put anything on them...there are so many yummy things out there in FB land, I want to host a party where we just eat all of the yummy things we see on FB...who's with me?

This is super interesting to know how the Rockettes learn this. One day I'm going to go to this.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope to finish decorating for Christmas, I just need to do it already...maybe I'll buckle down tomorrow while the kids are in school...we'll see.

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