Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites #144

Hi Foxy Friends! It's Friday and I'm going out with a friend tonight! Woo hoo, just what I needed! So looking forward to it. But first let's get to some Friday Favorites.

Monday: The Ultimate Gift Guide
Tuesday: How To DIY A Canvas Picture
Wednesday: My Version of a Christmas Sweater
Thursday: Erin Condren Unboxing and Review

I know crazy, two videos in one week. I'm on a roll! But here is the DIY canvas picture if you want to see it. It's easier than you think and was only $5 each to make!

Then I also did an Erin Condren unboxing, it's my very first one, I'm so excited to start using it!

Finally got our Christmas cards out. I'm so bad, they have been siting on our counter since mid November...oops!

In case you missed my IG post...first go follow me, so you don't miss something so monumental again, haha, j/k. I promise not to junk up your feed. I barely remember to post anyway, oops!

All of our family photos, coming at you, next Friday, so stay tuned.

Mini Fox had her Christmas performance on Monday, she was so sweet. Of course I filmed it all, which means I got little to no pictures, oops! Parental fail.

Waving at Daddy as she passes by.

All the kids did a great job, it was so dang cute.

Then Santa came for a visit...

What Mr. sees on the daily when he is leaving for work. I don't even know how he walks out the door after this.

In other pictures this week:

Always the poser

The sunglasses, what a crack up.

Can I say, her outfit, so dang cute! Is it okay to want what your 4 year old is wearing? She wasn't so sure about the shirt, but as soon as everyone started telling her how cute she was, she was totally on board. In case you are wondering she is pretending to be a bunny. Also notice the boxes behind Baby Fox...I think there might be 10 stacked up over there, oops.

Taking brother to school.

She had a make up gymnastic lessons. I love she has her doggy in one hand and a fuzzy purse in the other. So dang cute, oh and of course the boots.

I don't know why, but this picture from lunch yesterday, she looks like such a little girl, she isn't my baby any more...wahhh!!!

So what are you up to this weekend? We are headed 100 miles north to see all of my cousins. We do an annual Cousin party and it is a blast! Here is us from last year. This year we've grown by 1.

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