Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites #144

Hi Foxy Friends! It's Friday and I'm going out with a friend tonight! Woo hoo, just what I needed! So looking forward to it. But first let's get to some Friday Favorites.

Monday: The Ultimate Gift Guide
Tuesday: How To DIY A Canvas Picture
Wednesday: My Version of a Christmas Sweater
Thursday: Erin Condren Unboxing and Review

I know crazy, two videos in one week. I'm on a roll! But here is the DIY canvas picture if you want to see it. It's easier than you think and was only $5 each to make!

Then I also did an Erin Condren unboxing, it's my very first one, I'm so excited to start using it!

Finally got our Christmas cards out. I'm so bad, they have been siting on our counter since mid November...oops!

In case you missed my IG post...first go follow me, so you don't miss something so monumental again, haha, j/k. I promise not to junk up your feed. I barely remember to post anyway, oops!

All of our family photos, coming at you, next Friday, so stay tuned.

Mini Fox had her Christmas performance on Monday, she was so sweet. Of course I filmed it all, which means I got little to no pictures, oops! Parental fail.

Waving at Daddy as she passes by.

All the kids did a great job, it was so dang cute.

Then Santa came for a visit...

What Mr. sees on the daily when he is leaving for work. I don't even know how he walks out the door after this.

In other pictures this week:

Always the poser

The sunglasses, what a crack up.

Can I say, her outfit, so dang cute! Is it okay to want what your 4 year old is wearing? She wasn't so sure about the shirt, but as soon as everyone started telling her how cute she was, she was totally on board. In case you are wondering she is pretending to be a bunny. Also notice the boxes behind Baby Fox...I think there might be 10 stacked up over there, oops.

Taking brother to school.

She had a make up gymnastic lessons. I love she has her doggy in one hand and a fuzzy purse in the other. So dang cute, oh and of course the boots.

I don't know why, but this picture from lunch yesterday, she looks like such a little girl, she isn't my baby any more...wahhh!!!

So what are you up to this weekend? We are headed 100 miles north to see all of my cousins. We do an annual Cousin party and it is a blast! Here is us from last year. This year we've grown by 1.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unboxing My First Erin Condren Life Planner

Hi Foxy Friends! It's Thursday! Woo hoo. Mr. and I decided (I'm seriously doubting our decision making skills right now) to do a 3 day cleanse. Today is the last day. Man it's been mentally tough this go. this is my 4th time doing a 3 day cleanse and this one is mentally the most challenging. I think it's because of the time of year and all of the yummy goodies and it being slightly cold, so you want to snuggle up and eat lots of bad for you things.

Anyway, getting to the whole reason for the post. Today I'm reviewing my very first Erin Condren planner! I won a giveaway back in March and was saving the gift card to use for a 2018 calendar. I am so excited to start using it. I've been a Franklin Covey girl since 1996...I know I'm totally dating myself...but it's true. See this post for proof.

Here is my 2018 blogger planner

And a look at the inside:

So pretty right?

And a look at the month.

And I like that the weekly view planning is just after the month.

I made a video with my review, but here are some notes:

  1. The weekly planning pages are behind the month that it occurs.
  2. The boxes are big so I won't have problems writing in it.
  3. There are no lines on the 2 page monthly, I hate when they confine me to lines.
  4. Customize the cover
  5. Buy new cover throughout the year if you get tired of the one you have

  1. It's big
  2. It's big
  3. Did I mention it's big?
So far the only con I really see is the size...other wise I think this might be the perfect planner. Perhaps I need to come up with a new system, instead of carrying my planners everywhere I go...what do you do?

Okay onto the video!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Believe Shirt

Hi Foxy Friends! Welcome to The Blended Blog Style. This week we decided to do a Christmas sweater theme. Unfortunately for me, I don't own a Christmas sweater, because #Californiaweather, some years it's 80° on Christmas day, so sweaters don't really do well here. Lucky for me, while shopping around for some Christmas shirts, I found a light weight long sleeve t-shirt, that was perfect! I do believe in the magic of Christmas!

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The boots are so comfy too, keeps my feet nice and warm!

Silly picture!

Thanks so much for linking up with us! Now show off your Christmas sweaters or shirts!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How To DIY A Picture On Canvas

Happy Tuesday Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing with you how to do a cheap and easy DIY picture to canvas. I was trying to find 10 X 10 canvas to buy, but  I couldn't find them anywhere, so I was off to figure out how to add it to canvas. Here is the easiest way to explain it, which I feel like a lot of other tutorials I tried to find didn't go over.

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What You'll Need:

Canvas + 1 extra ( I picked 10 x 10 inches)
Picture (printed from Costco or something like that, you could probably also print at home on a piece of regular paper)
Foam Paint Brushes
Paint (I chose black paint to hide my mistakes)
Mod Podge


Step 1:

Paint the outside edges of the canvas. I picked black paint, but you could choose anything that is going to match where you are putting the canvas.

Make sure to paint a little over the edge, in case you cut the picture too small, which I did, but you can't tell at all.

Step 2:

Cut picture to size.

Tip: If you have a 10 x 10 canvas, cut it about a 1/4 of an inch smaller, as the sides of my canvas were curved, and when I cut it exact, the picture hung over the sides. But check to make sure what yours is. It's always better error on the side of caution and keep cutting smaller until you get to where you want to be.

Tip 2: You can use a ruler and scissors, I just happen to have a quilting mat and cutter.

Step 3:

Pour Mod Podge over the canvas. Some people like to dip their paint brush, but I just say go for it. You can always add more, so error on the side of light.

Tip: It takes more Mod Podge than you think to cover the canvas. 

All covered with Mod Podge, you can choose if you want to cover the sides or not. Remember this dries completely clear.

Step 4:

Place picture on the Mod Podge'd canvas, press firmly and make sure to get rid of any air bubbles, those would be bad. Make sure to really press down on the sides, as those tend to stick up a bit...wait for it to dry, about 15 minutes.

Step 5:

Once this is the scary part....pour more Mod Podge all over the picture and spread around with your foam paint brush.

Tip: You can't use too much, this will dry clear, so if you accidentally use too much, don't worry about it, spread it evenly and continue on.

Step 6: 

Here is where your DIY is going to make it look legit. Take your extra canvas, and use it to create an imprint in the canvas. You want that texture that canvas has to make it look real.

Tip: I tried to put the canvas directly over the top and press down, but where the wood is on the back, didn't imprint with the canvas texture. I found using the middle worked the best and moving it around. Sometimes I accidentally moved it a bit, so it smeared, don't worry just do it again. It's not dry yet, so just keep working it until the texture looks like you want.

Picture to Canvas

This is what it will look like.

Tip: I suspect that if you have a thicker layer of Mod Podge that you will be more of a texture to stand out, so if you are looking to make it look a lot more textured, do a thicker layer. I also think that you could probably do a thin layer, let it dry and then do it again for another layer to make it a bit thicker if you want. I did not try this...just guessing based off of what I did.

And the finished product!

I couldn't get a good picture of the texture on this picture, but I could with some of the ones. Like these.

The texture is by no means uniform, but I think that makes each of them unique. Of course you can barely see the texture from afar, but I think if you didn't have it, then it would look "off" and not really canvas'y'.

My finished project!

I absolutely love it, and it makes me smile every time I walk into my kitchen and see their cute faces...crying or not.

Of course if you are more of a "I need to see it in action person", here is a video I put together.

Now go out and impress your friends and family with how crafty you are!


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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know we had a very lazy one, which is exactly what we needed! Mr. has been gone for two weeks and boy did we miss him! He almost didn't get home too, snow and all, but caught a flight out at 2am! Crazy pants, but he made it, and finally got home around 5:30am on Saturday morning, talk about crazy travel.

Anyway, I'm linking up with The Blended Blog with my Ultimate Holiday gift guide. I've been doing gift guides here and there the last month or so, so I'm putting them all in one place. Link up your gift guides over on The Blended Blog. We're also doing home tours, so home tours and gift guide link up. It will be open for two weeks!

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We are all about education toys for the kids. I think these are all great picks. Check out the post here.

Here are my favorite gifts to give everyone right now, when I can't think of something to give someone, these are my default gifts.
Click here for the complete guide.
You all know how much I love make up, so if you have a make up lover in your family, get these things and she'll be one happy girl!

Guys are seriously so hard to shope for, here are 10 ideas that might be a little outside of the box to get your man.

1. NailpolishTop CoatNail File 2. Brush Cleaner 3. Liquid Brush Cleaner 4. Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer 5. EcoTools Eye Brush Set 

1. Chocolates 2.  Hot Sauce 
3. Car Notes 4. grilling mat 5. scalp massager 

1.  Glitter Paint 2.  Uno 3. Notepad 4.slinky 5. Right Middle Left Game