Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hi All! I'm actually on the computer and have about 10 minutes to write a quick recap of our weekend. Woo hoo for Mr. holding Mini Fox so I can blog for a few minutes.

I survived my first day alone with the kids! I was supposed to have a couple of playdate on Friday, but everyone cancelled, boo. But I'm still here, so all is well. How could I not with these cute faces in front of me.

Yes Mini Fox is crying, but it was because she was slightly hungry, but Baby Fox was being so cute, I had to snap a picture, just as she started to cry, opps!

But then Baby Fox, leaned in for a kiss, and she forgot she was hungry, cute sibling love.

Daddy's home and he missed both his kids while at work. Picture just before swim time!

Baby Fox is fed and in bed and now Daddy's getting some good cuddle time with his girl. Yep this one loves awkward head positions, just like her big brother did. So weird.

Saturday we decided to go on a family outing to Krispy Kreme, show Baby Fox how donuts are made, he loved it. The last time we tried to give him donuts, he licked the frosting off and left the donut part.

This time he actually ate the donut, they give out free donuts when they're being made, score!

Mr. got his favorite, Apple Fritter

We let Baby Fox pick out one donut, he picked the one with chocolate and colored sprinkles.
 He decided he just liked the chocolate and the sprinkle part, picked them off, and ate just that

We also had some visitors - Mr.'s best friend and his girlfriend, they brought food and diapers...yay!
And my aunt and uncle came, this is the same aunt that helped deliver Baby Fox, and tried to be there for Mini Fox, but got there slightly too late. Doh!
She brought her famous spaghetti - this is Mr.'s third helping, I finally slowed him down enough to get a picture.
Sunday, everyone went home and it was just us again. Don't worry, Baby Fox isn't totally squishing Mini Fox, barely.
We stared at this cute face a LOT this weekend. Still trying to figure out how not to get her to throw up after eating, but I think we're almost there, keeping fingers crossed, we get SOME sleep this week.
How was your weekend?
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  1. I'm not sure which I'm more jealous of -- sibling love or the spaghetti! Your little ones are beautiful!

    New visitor from Mommy Moments. :)

  2. What cute pictures...your children are precious!

    Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!
    Becky @

  3. your post is making me really really hungry for donuts all of a sudden and that apple fritter looks amazing! i love the photo of baby fox and mini fox. she is so beautiful

  4. Aww that photo of both your kids together is just precious! And this post is making me want a donut, asap. :)

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    Scarf Giveaway!

  5. Baby F is So cute! Hope you got some sleep this week!