Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Post Full of Firsts

We're on to week 2 of  The Challenge. So far I'm having so much fun doing this, so thank you Alison for getting me out of my comfort zone and giving me easy outfits that I just have to grab in the morning and don't really have to think much about it.

In case you missed the first 2 days, click here. Now onto this weeks outfits.

Day 3:

This is the first time I've ever worn boyfriend jeans. I was really skeptical about them, but bought them from Old Navy for less than $20, so I figured I wasn't wasting too much money if I didn't like them, but turns out I really do! I thought they would make me look super short, but I don't think they do. What do you think?

Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy, Bright Tank - Target, Sweater - Target, Shoes - Nordstroms, Necklace - Old, but they are everywhere

Most comfortable wedges EVER! Go get a pair right now! She told me too, so I had to listen.
 Day 4

I think this one was the most out of my comfort zone. I mean a striped jacket and my first time wearing a chambray shirt? In the same outfit? I never would have thought to pair this together. Perhaps it was the 4:30am wake up time that in my delirious state I had a stroke of genius or I grabbed the wrong thing, either way I think it worked really well.

 Pink Jeans - White House Black Market (Fall Clearance),  Shirt - Target, Jacket - Target, Shoes - DSW (old), Scarf - Old Navy

Day 5

I thought this outfit was ultra comfy and great for a Friday casual work day (oops I'm writing this at work, and apparently I picked a picture with my eyes closed, oops!)

Skinny Jeans - Loft (these are curvy jeans, they are the best!), T-Shirt - Target, Sweater - Target, Shoes - Toms (similar), Bracelet and Necklace - Francesca's Collection (old)

Day 6 

I love maxi skirts I think this might be my go-to outfit from now on...super comfortable and you look put together.

Bright Tank - Target, Skirt - Nordstroms, Cropped Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Shoes - Nordstroms (no longer available in this color), Necklace - Old, Bracelets (old)
 Thought I would add a cute picture of Mini Fox

Day 7

I think this might be one of my favorites. I love how the cuff of the shirt is rolled over the sweater and the blue necklace, adds just the right amount of statement.

Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy, Top - Target, Sweater - Target, Shoes - Toms (similar), Necklace - Forever 21 (old), Bracelet - Brighton

Day 8

I think this was my least favorite of this week. Only because I couldn't find accessories that made me feel like this was my own. I was in a rush in the morning and couldn't find anything to offset the pretty teal color of the shirt.  In other news, this was the first time that I rolled a pair of jeans that weren't the boyfriend jeans that were rolled for me. And it was my first time wearing my leopard flats.

Skinny Jeans - Loft, Shirt - Target, Shoes - DSW (No longer available), Necklace - Loft (old)

Baby Fox wanted in with me

Baby Fox wanted to help me take selfies, Mr. wasn't home when I wanted to take these pictures.

See him holding the remote?

Day 9

I thought this outfit was super fun to wear. Maybe next time I'll wear my leopard flats.

White Jeans - Loft, Bright Tank - Target, Cropped Jean Jacket - Target, Shoes - Nordstroms, Scarf - Old Navy

This challenge is definitely pushing me to do things I wouldn't have done on my own, leopard flats (actually my hookerish shoes, I have had them for over 6 years and have worn them once), boyfriend jeans, rolling my jeans, Chambray shirts, jean jackets with jeans, striped blazers with a chambray shirt, the list goes on. I'm excited to see where these outfits take me next!

I had some random stuff to tell you, but the post is getting mega long, so I'll save them for another day :) Hopefully I don't forget them in the mean time!

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  1. you look great (again). I'm loving not having to stress about what to wear in the morning too! It's so great!

    1. Thanks! What are we going to do when this all ends?!

  2. I love how you put this post together! I need a photographer! HA!! All your looks are great! Love your button downs. I totally need those leopard flats...look super comfy!! And I went for it...I bought your same maxi!! Fingers crossed this is a winner!! Thanks!!

  3. You look great in all of your outfits! Love your accessories, and the bright colors look amazing on you. Your pictures are pretty great too :)

    1. Thanks! I have to give all credit to the hubby, mostly. One or two of them were tripod city!

  4. Such fun outfits! You look great! These give me some ideas as well... :)

  5. All the bright colors really look great on you - magenta, turquoise, and especially the bright white! You have my daughter's coloring, so I'm going to go shopping for these same colored clothing for her!

    1. Good, glad I can help. It makes such a huge difference on the colors you wear!

  6. Great outfits, you look fantastic in all of them! The bright colors are great. Isn't it fun trying new fashion?

    1. Definitely fun! Gets me thinking outside of my little comfy box I have going.

  7. I want to steal your teal button up and teal necklace!!!

  8. I love the idea of this so much!!! What a sweet family you have!!

  9. My favorite is the last outfit! The teal tank really stands out against the white jeans and the scarf pulls it all together!

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  10. Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster Award - go check it out on my blog