Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Bear

This past weekend we went up to Big Bear with some friends. They said that they would watch Baby and Mini Fox so we could go to a surprise party for my besties 40th birthday surprise party. He said he had no clue until he drove up and saw all the cars, oops.

This is her and her little, we haven't seen them in  more then 8 months! Way too long in my opinion, but life always seems to get in the way.

Her oldest has a knack for getting the youngest to sleep, how adorable is that?

I totally spaced and never took any pictures of the cabin we stayed at, let me just tell you it was AMAZING! It was 4 bedrooms, with a loft up stairs.

Baby Fox got his own room, when I went to check in on him he just looked too cute not to snap a picture.

Baby Fox was trying to understand how to play foosball.

Saturday morning we woke up to some awesome guitar playing, Mr. and Mini Fox enjoyed the show.

The whole reason we went up there was to show Baby Fox snow, while there wasn't a lot of snow up there, there was a tubing place open for us to play in.

Checking it all out while we were waiting for Daddy to get us tickets to get in.

Mini Fox just hung out in the stroller and chewed on this for a while

There they go, onto the magic carpet, he loved this part.

Riding down with Daddy, he absolutely loved it. Mr. and I switched off who went up with Baby Fox, obviously because someone had to stay with this cutie

It got super windy and cold, I gave her my hat. She pretty much just laid in the stroller just like this the whole time we were there
Down they go!

Then it was Mommy's turn to go down, I was really nervous and scared, but was happy I did it. We had a great time and it really wore out Baby Fox, he took a great nap when we got home.

And then just like that he was done and wanted to take everything off, and go home. Crazy kid insisted on taking his jacket and snow pants off.

Speaking of being tired, see who else was sharing a room with Baby Fox? In real life that bear didn't look scary, but on the monitor, it looked like it wanted to eat Baby Fox.

When we got home our friends son and his family were there picking up their boat, Mini Fox's first play date. The other little girl got upset when Mini Fox had to take her nap, but was so happy and all smiles when Mini Fox woke up from her nap.

See how she's missing a sock? Yea Mini Fox took it right off her foot
We then headed over to birthday boys house for dinner. We bought Baby Fox Frozen, and had an impromptu movie night. I think Baby Fox had a little crush, he had the time of his life and wanted to stay there all night.

They wanted to keep Mini Fox.

When we got home Baby Fox got a few cuddles in before heading to bed.

Just cause she's so cute, ready to leave.

We had the best time up there, and are so thankful that we have friends who invite us to go to their cabin with them! We hope we can do it again! Now back to work, at least it's a 4 day work week for me...yay!

Come back tomorrow for what I thought about my Stitch Fix.

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  1. i love big bear and what a terrific weekend! looks like everyone had so much fun!

  2. She looks soooooo cute all snug in her winter clothes and mitts!!