Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Snippets

This weekend was fantastic, we were so busy yesterday with church and family stuff that I didn't have time to upload any of my photos that I took of Easter, darn! Guess you'll have to wait for those for a little longer. I do however have pictures that I took off of Mr.'s phone this morning at 4:48am and the usual Fox Kid photoshoot.

 I only had 1 time to get the photos this time. Usually I have several days and several photoshoots to get pictures, but this time I had about 15 minutes.


My brother and sister-in-law came to visit on Friday. We had a family dinner with everyone. It was great, we haven't had all of us together in a while, okay maybe Christmas, but seems like forever. Then Saturday we decided to get a sandwiches at Whole Foods and go for a hike. The sandwiches part was the nice part, then we decided to go on a quick hike, since my brother had to leave and we were running out of time. We had just enough time to walk down this hill, to realize that we had to get back...I volunteered to take the kids back up the hill. Yep that's me with a Double Bob, running up this gigantic mountain! It was hard work, but felt good to say that I did it on my own.

Yes it was as steep as it looks in this picture
 Church on Sunday we ran into Baby Fox's Godparents. Well we knew they were going to be there, but the church was SO crazy crowded that we didn't get to sit together. Usually we sit together. Baby Fox was excited to see them, although this picture would suggest otherwise.

I went to college with this lady, we did volunteer work together.

Tomorrow I'll have the pictures uploaded from my camera and you can see Baby Fox searching for Easter eggs, cutest thing ever!

Until tomorrow when I'm not as tired (hopefully) and I've gotten my act together (doubtful that's going to happen, but I can pretend)

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  1. ahhh i love the photos of your littles!! so cute sarah, absolutely adorable

  2. Love those pictures of your two bunnies! And the one with mini fox' 'cheese' grin, TOO stinkin cute! Can't wait to see more pics. Love your pink dress too!

  3. Look at those sweet babies with their ears on! I love it!

  4. Oh gosh, mini fox with the ears...I die from cuteness!