Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My New Go To Outfit

I've jumped on the jean jacket trend. I've fully embraced it and I'm going with it. It's my new go to, finish an outfit by adding a jean jacket. This dress would be so plain without the jean jacket. I do think that I want to get a cropped jean jacket though, that would probably have looked a little better with this outfit.

Yesterday was super hot, 94°, I wore it to work, but once I got home I immediately changed into shorts and a tank top (my not at work, I'm finally home outfit).

Some Random Stuff:

  • I hate when I'm an emotional wreck, like you know your being totally unreasonable but you're crying anyway, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, and hope that everyone in your path understands and still loves you. Luckily Mr. knew and just stayed out of my way till he left for choir practice. When he got home I was back to my normal happy self.

  • We introduced Mini Fox to some food last week, specifically oatmeal. She likes chewing on the spoon, but each night she gets a little better and eats a few more spoonfuls. Hey we'll take it, the last two nights she's slept for 8 hours, when I woke her up to feed her when I left for work. yay!


  •  Last night Baby Fox wanted to hold Mini Fox, Mr. tells me that Baby Fox put Mini Fox on his chest just like this so she could watch tv with him. Love that they love each other and just want to be near each other all the time.


  1. You are always stylish! And the pics of baby fox with mini? Too cute. I hope Matthew loves his baby sister that much when she gets here!

  2. I'm loving the jean jacket too lately!
    both of your kids are adorable!

  3. I'm a huge fan of denim jackets! Yours is the perfect topper to that dress!

    The Tiny Heart