Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rocking the Wet Look

We're on to week 3 of  The Spring Challenge. Still having fun, so thank you Alison for getting me out of my comfort zone and giving me easy outfits that I just have to grab in the morning and don't really have to think much about it.

In case you missed the other days, outfits 1 & 2 and outfits 3-9. Now onto this weeks outfits.

 Day 10

This was a Monday and the outfit called for jeans, but I felt like that was too casual for a Monday, so I switched out the jeans for blue colored pants. I know so close, but I felt fancier, just go with it.

In the picture my top seems crazy, but it's really just stripes, but guess the eyes do funny things, I wonder if that's what it's like when I'm actually wearing it to other people...hmmm.?? No one has complained yet, so I'll go with it.

Pants - Loft (old), Shirt - Old Navy (I saw it on the clearance rack last week), Sweater - Kohls, Shoes - DSW (no longer available), Bracelet - Forever 21 (old), Necklace - Loft (old)

I heart my leopard flats and I can't believe it took me this long to buy them! Now to find the perfect leopard scarf.

Day 11

I really liked this outfit, it was super comfy and just a great outfit all around. I actually wore this to take Baby Fox to the movies for the very first time.

Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy, Bright Tank - Target, Button Down - Target, Scarf - Old Navy, Shoes - Toms (similar)

That necklace is from Brighton, and when you open it, it has a little gold heart in there and inscribed on the necklace it says, "You have a Heart of Gold", and Mr. found someone to engrave his name and Baby Fox's name on the gold heart, now we just need to get Mini Fox's name engraved on it. I love it so much.

Day 12

This outfit was so comfy, it felt like wearing my pj's all day. I love the bright sweater and the scarf too.

Skirt - Nordstroms, White Tee - Target, Sweater - Target, Scarf - Old Navy, Shoes - Toms (similar)

Day 13

There's that crazy looking shirt again, I swear it's just regular stripes. I had a striped tee, but it got a hole in it after it's first washing, so I returned it and didn't get a chance to wash it before this. I like how simple this outfit is, and the necklace just adds that little bit of pop to make it interesting.

Mr. picked out the shoes on our shopping trip, doesn't he have great taste? And they are so comfy!

Skinnys -  Loft, Shirt - Old Navy (on clearance rack), Shoes - Target , necklace - JCrew (Old), Bracelet - Francesca's Collection (Old)

Right after taking these pictures, I was helping Mr. put the pool cover on (it was supposed to be in the mid 90's this week, and guess what happened?

Yep, that's right I fell into the pool!

Baby Fox thought it was hilarious! I told our Nanny, so over the weekend I fell into the pool, she said, oh yea I know, Baby Fox told me "Mommy fell into the Pool!"

I fell in, and Mr. says, wait, I need to get the camera, so he's taking my picture of me getting out of the pool, laughing hysterically, and then says, hey you should do another outfit post!

Didn't you know that the wet look is really in right now?

Good thing we have a pretty private backyard, there was no way I was going into the house with wet jeans, talk about something that can hold a ton of water

Day 14

I have a confession, I actually wore the above outfit after this outfit, but since that was the outfit of the day, and since I didn't wear Day 14 outfit at all, I'll substitute. Now that I got that out of the way.

I went for a cousin spa day with 9 of my cousins, super fun! So I decided to take an outfit post in the lobby of the hotel.

Skirt - Target, Black Tee - Target, Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Sandals - Target, Necklace - Groopdealz (old), Bracelet - Forever 21 (old

Then I wanted to try and get some photos outside, but it was crazy windy and thought I didn't want to start another fashion trend, so I went with the ones above.

My sister and I tried to get some photos too. Scarf in the face, isn't that how everyone wears it now?

So this picture right here shows what a difference changing your white balance on your camera can do for you! I didn't photoshop this at all, I just changed the white balance and ISO, crazy right?

Day 15

I know this is getting so long right? It almost needs two posts, but then what fun would that be?

White Skinny Jeans - Loft, Striped Tee - Target (this is soft and only $6, go get it right now!),, Cropped Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Scarf - Old Navy (Old), Shoes - Toms (similar)

This is a really good go-to outfit, really comfy. I'm all about comfort these days.

Day 16

I would like to start off by says, it really bothers me that Mr. didn't tell me my necklace was crooked! Like how can you let me walk around like that Mr? Totally his fault, completely

Skirt - Nordstroms, Shirt - Target, Sweater - Kohls, Sandals - Target, Necklace and Bracelet- Francesca's Collection (Old)

How cute are these sandals with the skirt? 

And if you made it to the end of this post, congrats!

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  1. Love all the outfits! Big fan of that striped maxi! Looks great on you :)
    Too funny with the pool and the wind! :)

  2. As usual, you look great in all your outfits. Love your maxi skirts. I can't believe you fell in the pool - so funny! My hair does that too when it's windy - I have some funny pictures of crazy hair. I wish my husband would pick out some clothes for me :) Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Lana! My husband sometimes knows my wardrobe better than me! It's crazy.

  3. I'll trade you a closet for a pool .....

  4. I love day #13 and #15! SO glad you included your "wet" look!

    1. Thanks! haha, I think everyone should rock the "wet" look :)

  5. I love how your personality shines through in your blog and you bring your daily life into your conversations. Falling in the pool and modeling the clothes wet, hair blowing in the wind, your man preferring to take pics of your booty -- priceless! I feel like I know you :)

  6. omg you're the cutest things ever!! Your happiness is so evident in your smile, even after you fell in the pool! too funny!

  7. I am loving all your stripes and statement necklaces - I want them all!

  8. Day 11 & 14 are totally my favs. I really need to work on my style. W/ this 75*. Weather we've had, I'm thinking the wet look is in!!!

  9. You're a GOOD sport - sharing about falling into the pool! I LOVE the pattern mixing with the orange sweater and black & white stripes and all your accessories - FAB job!!

  10. day 14 is my favorite outfit of yours, that skirt is awesome and looks great on you

  11. You look beautiful in every one- even soaking wet :)

  12. My favorite is Day 15 with the stripes and floral print...definitely something I would wear!

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  13. Love your outfits! Pics, Jewels, love it all! Hilarious pics! Wish I knew you in really seem like a blast!! LOL

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