Thursday, April 3, 2014

Style Me Please!

This was taken in Chicago, I was 22 weeks pregnant
 Want to know what Mr. got me for our anniversary?

Let me rewind, firstly I'm doing this. It's a Style Me Spring Challenge by Alison from Get Your Pretty On. She's giving us a list of 18 things to create 21 different outfits.
When she announced it I thought, this could be really interesting. I went home that night and was talking to Mr. about it and thinking I wanted to try it out. Mr. turns to me and says, you know you should do it, it's only $10 and if it doesn't work out it's only $10. I said, yea I guess I will do it. Then he says, so how about I take you on an all day shopping spree and we buy all the things that you need for the challenge together, that can be our anniversary gift. Say what?!A man who's max amount of stores he can go into is 2, just offered me a shopping spree? A date of shopping, no kids all day. I'm in! So that's what Mr. got me for our anniversary, a shopping spree. I think he must love me!

In other fashion news, I decided to get a fix, a Stitch Fix that is. It comes on Monday and I can't wait. I'll show you pictures of everything I got next week. I can't wait.

Summary: Friday I get the Style Me Spring Challenge list, and Monday I get my Fix. Next week is going to be awesome!

If you want to do it too, you have until 11:59 Central Time to get on the LIST, it's $10 what do you have to lose? Alison said that if you're not completely satisfied with the list then she'll give you your money back. So you have no excuses go do it! Then we can swap style pictures.

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  1. awww so sweet. What a darling guy! That is so thoughtful. Have fun with it!!

  2. Sweetest hubby ever! Seriously. I'm so excited that you are joining the challenge. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight, shopping list comes out tomorrow!

  3. ooh stitch fix i am so tempted, all the stuff they have sent other bloggers has been absolutely awesome. cant wait to see what you get