Thursday, April 17, 2014

House Edition - Baby Fox's Room

I promised you guys a glimpse into Baby Fox's room, you know with furniture. I don't have any pictures before we sort of converted it to a big boy room. Truth be told, we just changed out his crib and didn't really change anything else, besides add a bookshelf. We know that in a few years he'll want something else, so why spend all the money making it something that he's going to want to change when he gets to Kindergarten.

Baby Fox's room is at the top of the stairs, his has double doors, fancy huh?

See his big boy bed? Yep it's a race car. When we got pregnant with Mini Fox we knew that we didn't want to buy another crib and since he was almost 3 when she was born it was time. We talked up a big boy bed from the very beginning of my pregnancy, telling him that when his sister got here that he would get a big boy bed cause he'll be a big brother. I mean every chance we got we told him, hey tell So and So what you get when your sister gets here, and he would excitedly say A BIG BOY BED!!!! He was so excited. He did want a train big boy bed, but we convinced him that a race car bed would be better.

Helping Daddy make his bed

Helping to make the bed, he was so excited!

All ready to sleep in his big boy bed

That night he showed us how he was going to sleep and stay in his big boy bed all night.

I love when kids sleep like this, we call it Butts Up 7-Up
See the ginormous pillow on his bed? Yep that's one of our pillows from our bed set, he was sick so I gave him that to prop his head up and he's kept it ever since. Yea go ahead and sleep on that silk pillow sham, anything for you kid :)

The letters were painted to match the exact pattern of his infant crib set, it's through Rosenberry Rooms, and I HIGHLY reccomend them. They nails the letter, even better then I thought it would be.

 Up close

This is the bedding that I picked out for him, doesn't it match perfectly?

Baby Fox's Great Grandma bought him those two silver containers that says his name and one says first tooth and the other says first hair. He loves his little piggy bank, and wants to put money in it every chance he gets.

That book there, is from Baby Fox's Great Grandpa and was his book when he was Baby Fox's age. That Tigger and Pooh Bear was a gift from my brother when I bought my first car (actually it was a red truck). It stayed in my truck until I sold it to buy a more reasonable car for when Baby Fox was going to get here. I miss my truck!

Apparently an expensive/collectors item colt (get it?), a sign a family friend made when he was taking photoshop after retirement, and an autographed Sally by Bonnie Hunt. My sister knows her and when we had Baby Fox's first birthday party, Bonnie gave us a bunch of stuff from Cars. So nice right?!

A brown bear a close friend gave us after Baby Fox was born, Mr. and Mrs. Fox and a gorilla that has special meaning to me, which I won't go into right now. My mom was obsessed with getting random things for his room, so we got a crystal colt and Jiminy Cricket to watch over him.

One of my favorite things in his room. When we were getting Mini Fox's room for her arrival I had put all the frames I had in her room on the ground to put somewhere else, Baby Fox saw this picture and yelled out "Mommy and Daddy" and took it and put it in his room. Sometimes during naptime the Nanny will tell his he looks at the picture and talks to "us", telling "us" he loves us, etc. Cutest thing ever right?

So this is behind the door, at the foot of Baby Fox's bed, his book shelf. This was actually something Mr. bought before we were married and has moved with us from condo to apartment to house. We had random things on it, and it was sitting in Mini Fox's room, so when we were trying to get a handle on the toy/book pandimonium I decided to use it as a bookshelf for Baby Fox, it's really worked out great

On the other side of the door is his height chart and a little rocker/lounge chair (bought at Goodwill for cheap)

Moving to the other side, we gave Mini Fox his white dresser and bought him a navy blue one. We did this because we figured that if we bought a wood one and then Baby Fox wanted to change out his bed, what are the changes we're going to find a wood bed or something that is going to match that exact wood, we have no way of knowing if they still make the bed that matches a wood dresser, so we picked navy thinking it is the most versatile. I hung up the quilt that came with his crib set as a decoration, cause what infant actually uses a quilt?

Then to finish out his room, I bought these airplane pegs, perfect for his baby room, but still fits a transportation theme with his new big boy bed.

Currently his Halloween Costumes are hanging on them. He was the zebra for Halloween, but I also bought a fox costume as well...I have not been able to get it on him to save my life...darn.

The angel is from my room when I was a kid, and the ornament is from my aunt and cousins, they were at Disneyland on Christmas and bought that as soon as they heard the news he had been born.

And that's Baby Fox's room in a nutshell. Hopefully I have time to take pictures of Mini Fox's room, whenever I think about taking pictures she's always sleeping!

What's your favorite thing in your kids room?

I think in Baby Fox's room it has to be the picture he keeps of us on his bedside. Doing this on his own and wanting to keep it there, just makes it really special to me.

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  1. What a cute room. I love his bed! We definitely need to update my little guys' room too, but like you said, what's the point of doing it now when he will probably want something else in another year or two?!!!