Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Think Fall and 5 Random Things

When I was thinking about what to wear yesterday morning, I thought that this color top screamed Fall to me, even though it's sleeveless (hey I live in California, we really only have 1.5 seasons, really warm days with warm nights and warm days with cool nights).  When I put it on I thought something was missing...guess what it was?

If you guessed my jean jacket, you would be correct! I seriously can't get enough. What did I do before this? I have no idea!

I sort of love that I can bring out my ankle boots again (cause it's only 80° and not 100°)

I'm a little sad that the sun is starting to go down sooner, and gets dark so darn early now! I'm going to have to either get better lighting in my bathroom for pictures, or find somewhere in my house with okay lighting...hmm...where to take pictures. I'm going to be leaving for work (5am) in the dark and getting home when it's mostly dark (5pm), how depressing.

Onto some random things:


The Pumpkin Patch is coming! I can't believe it's almost October!

Don't let the clouds fool you, it was still 85° out, it passed quickly and soon after was blue sunny skies

I was cutting my nails, and Baby Fox looked at them and said that I needed some new polish on them (which I do) and screamed I'll pick it out! He runs to my nail polish drawer and picks out the color, and then proceeds to get out the base and top coat and said You need these too, right? Apparently he really pays attention when I paint my nails. He even lined them up, just like this.


While I was getting my haircut this weekend my hair dresser showed me how to put my wet hair up with a hand towel, it's sturdy, secure and so much better than using your bath towel...I tried to find a video on youtube, but couldn't find one, so if you want a video of how to do it, let me know in the comments below!

Freshly showered and ready for bed
Conversation I had with Mr. this morning via text:

Set Up: Our nightly routine, I get Baby Fox ready for bed, Mr. gets Mini Fox ready for bed. I feed her in the office and then hand her off to Mr. while I go tuck in Baby Fox. So I have not been in her room since Tuesday. I know it's Thursday and I didn't go in her room once on Wednesday. Strange now that I think of it. Anyway, I go in there this morning to feed Mini Fox before work and I see the bin of too big clothes strewn about the room.

Me: What happened to Mini Fox's room? Clothes EVERYWHERE!!!

Mr.: Doh! We were playing "clothes"

Me: LOL!! 

Mr: Which involves pulling out all of the clothes from the bin. I asked her if she liked her clothes and she laid down on them and gave them a kiss.

She is definitely my child, and can a 1 year old be a clothes hound already? OH boy are we in trouble!


If you didn't read my post from yesterday go do it! Take a picture and spread kindness! Go to for more information on how you can help.

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  1. That really is the perfect warm fall top! You look adorable!!! :-)

  2. You're outfit look so cute! I am digging the colors, and of course the jean jacket! I have been wanting one for myself for quite some time now, but I never put in the time to find one. Maybe this year I will put that on my Fall wardrobe to buy!

  3. Oh, also, you are so brave to wear white jeans! hahaha I usually stick with the darks but I think I am getting myself some Fall colored jeans! Here's to stepping out of my comfort zone!

  4. Love that color on you, and it's perfect with the white jeans and booties! Your kids are SO cute! Love the project lead kindly idea!

    1. thanks! I'm going to post something on IG about the Project Lead Kindly, I'll tag you :)

  5. Love the top! Love the boots! Love that he picked out your nail polish =)

  6. i seriously love that top on you!!! gorgeous!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was my first tunic type top, this year I've added several, I can't wait for the Fall to actually come!

  8. Yes! Love your shirt. I am actually wearing that same color today. I have been on the search for a good jean jacket. Texas has been showing us hints of Fall lately…it’s cool in the mornings and the evenings!!

    1. We get the hint of Fall in the morning, but during the day not so much. Yesterday was 95°, boo! But it's getting down into the mid-60 range for night time, so that's something...I'll take anything at this point! Just cooler weather!

  9. I'm jealous of y'all's dry heat! The humidity would have me looking like a sweaty mess if I wore that here!

    You look fab in this outfit!