Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lesson 10: Why We didn't Live Together Before Marriage - Part 2

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Here are some more of my thoughts on Why We Didn't Live Together Before Marriage - Part 2.

When you are living together for awhile, people start to ask, so when you getting married? I feel that some people may just do it because it's the next logical step, but if they were not living together maybe they wouldn't feel that it was necessary. I really believe that you need to take away all other factors, and really listen to your heart, deep down you know what you need to do, but it isn't always the easy choice.

Not living together gives you something to look forward to after the wedding. It's going to be new and exciting starting your life together, figuring out where everything goes what are the quarks you didn't know about before. You want to make this work, you compromise, you know it's for the long haul. You don't just appease the other person because you've just moved in and you're still in your dating honeymoon phase.  You're married now, I just feel mentally you are thinking a little differently then if you're just dating and moving in together. Also, it's just not another day, when you get back from your honeymoon everything all new and different. 

I know for Mr. and me, our relationship was definitely not out of convenience, we were living in different cities and took about 45 minutes to get to each other.  It made us really just appreciate that we were finally married, living together and could see each other everyday. It was like we were having a slumber party, staying up late talking every night. Heck even 10 years later we still stay up late talking every night.

I say, keep something special for when you get married, like living together. You're becoming one, not only in spirit, but also physically. You're moving into one household, giving your relationship the next level of learning about each other and becoming closer. Just remember this lesson, wake up and chose to love your partner each and everyday, even if some days are harder than others.

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  1. I've always wondered what excitement a couple has the night of their wedding, when going home to their place that they were living together in before getting married. That was the BEST part! Getting to go home together, for once! Decorating our place. Making it OURS because we were finally married!!