Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogger Style Challenge Gift Exchange + A Thank You Note

When Deena suggested we do a blogger secret Santa exchange I jumped at the chance.  When I signed up for the Style Challenges, I didn't realize I would be meeting a group of the most fantastic people. But more on that later. My secret Santa was Katie from The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life. I love her, she's always so upbeat and even when she has The Boot, she still makes her outfits stylish.

She sent over this:

General Store, so cute, I don't think we have anything like that here...

Inside the bag was this, yay! I love opening gifts and can we talk about how cute that wrapping paper is?

She wrote a card, the first thing I thought, dang it, I didn't send a card with my gift! I should have though! Next time!

This is the what the card said. So cute and I love how she described how she came to get me what she got.

You know Katie I don't own any Billy  Joel CD's, so this is perfect and the Hits...perfect! I'll be listening to this at work for weeks to come!

And this cute with the sea shell. Anything to make me feel closer to the ocean...although I do live about 10 miles away from one..but never go, sad I tell ya.

Looks great right? FYI: the towel on the left is the dish towel, the towel on the right is the hand drying towel...I blame my grandma on this one, she always said you need two separate towels, so when I got married she gave me two sets of towels.

Thank you Katie for the gifts! I love them.

I got Leslie from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After, go check out what I got her...think Beach.

The ladies also suggested in this post that we write a letter to Alison, the lady that started it all.

Dear Alison,

When I started reading your blog I loved it right away. I loved your style, you seemed to have it all together, your outfits looked put together and well thought out but effortless at the same time. Then you introduced the Style Me Challenge...I was intrigued. I wasn't sure if I should do it or not. I had two babies and I felt like I had no style, I would buy random things without purpose. I was a mommy and it showed. I casually mentioned it to Mr. to see what he would think, and without hesitation he said, DO IT! It's $10 what do you have to lose?  So I did, and I am SO THANKFUL that I did. I did not realize that not only was I going to get a bunch of great outfits and a closet full of clothes with purpose, I met some really fantastic people in the process. The FB group turned out to be the very best part of the whole thing. There were hundreds of other ladies out there with my same problem. I didn't feel alone any more. I felt part of something. I felt great and looked great. I was getting compliments.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I do know I am so thankful I did. You have seriously changed my life for the better. I am more confident, can wear my clothes better and have really stepped out of my comfort zone and in doing so have found a new comfort zone. Who knew  I would be pattern mixing, wearing jean jackets and chambray shirts. I always though those were for those really stylish people on Pinterest, turns out it's not, it's for everyone, you just have to wear it with confidence. Half the battle right?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to a great group of ladies and giving me some confidence in what I wear.



Now go check out some other ladies and see what they got and how Alison has helped them!


  1. Love your gifts from Katie - she's so sweet! Great letter to Alison. I'm so glad to have met you all this year!

  2. YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! So happy you liked was so fun!! And I totally love your hand towel and dish towel...grandma's give good advice! Have a Merry Christmas! Happy and thankful to have met you this year!!

  3. What great ideas for gifts! I wasn't exactly sure where Katie lived so now I know.

  4. Sarah - YOU have been such a blessing to me and to these challenges. Your beautiful smile and sweet nature shine through in all that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this with us. You have no idea what a blessing you all have been to me this year. All the best in 2015 and those gifts are amazing! :) Great job to Katie!

  5. How fun! I love general can find the neatest things there.