Monday, December 8, 2014

Me, Two Kids and Knott's Berry Farm

We had such a busy weekend, I feel like it deserves two posts, so that's what you're going to get.

Saturday morning I was meeting up with my bestie and her family at Knott's Berry Farm. My friend's daughter was performing with her middle school choir, fun right?

Us waiting for them to get there.

There was a lot of waiting, you know middle school choir people, not that organized...they said to be there by 10am but we didn't actually get into the park until 11:30! Well I had my tickets, in hind sight, I should have just gone in and then met up with them later, but it all worked out in the end.

Baby Fox showing off his mad jumping skillz

We're finally in and the big kids went on the Silver Bullet and then Baby Fox got to go on a ride. He went on without me...he's growing up so fast!

Waiting in line. He's such a big boy!

It's a ride that just went up and down, not too exciting.

I think he liked it. The girl next to him...not so sure.

We decided to go on this plane ride (sort of like Dumbo at Disneyland) and he was crying that he wanted me to go on with him, but I kept telling him that I wasn't allowed to go on it...but as soon as I put him in the plane, he was all smiles.


By the time we waited for this and got on, our friends had gone on two roller coasters, gotten lunch and eaten half of it. Since when does a kiddie ride take so long?!

Hanging with the ladies

Blow of some steam after lunch. So you see Mini Fox up on the ledge? Well soon after I took this picture, she realized she was too scared to get down and was crying hysterically. Was sad, but funny at the same time. This coming from a girl who climbs up on the couch and coffee table with no problem.

Baby Fox wanted to try a roller coaster and I found one that we could go on, yay!

Finally tall enough, woo hoo!

Watching the roller coaster

Waiting in line...p.s. the boy I'm with, he's in 7th grade and almost as tall as me...I feel short.

He loved it.

After this we went to stake out our positions to watch the girls perform. So sad, shortly after this Baby Fox dropped all of that popcorn. He took it in stride and ate what was left and didn't complain at all. that what it's called?

She finally fell asleep, for about 20 minutes. And that was the nap she got that day.

The performance, they were so cute.

The Boy also wanted to participate, haha...I love that he isn't too old to do this stuff with us yet...soon he will and I'll be sad.

The Girl talked my bestie, me and her brother into going on Supreme Scream. I went on it when it was brand new in college and remember it being super scary...yep it still was. You're so scared when it drops that it actually takes your breath away.

It was really pretty up there, you could see everything, and then suddenly you're free falling...shudder.

Watching Mommy go up, up, up.

After this we went and watch Snoopy on Ice. I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually really good.

These two were suckers and bought the kids...

These things.

He was totally into the whole thing.

They did some serious ice skating moves. I was nervous for her, and brought me back to watching The Cutting Edge...toe pick!

Our friends left and I felt bad that we didn't get to go on too many rides, so we stayed. Baby Fox wanted to ride the train he had been seeing all throughout the park. So that's what we did, Train ride #1

Train ride #2..haha, I just realize that Baby Fox is sucking on Mini Fox's fingers like he sucks his fingers, lol. Crazy kids.

Oh no train robbers!

Next up the Balloon Ride. They told me Mini Fox had to ride across from me...she thought she was hot stuff, and where did my babies go?

This was the silliest ride, it was called Huff and Puff, literally they had to pump the stick back and forth to go. I was worried since Baby Fox picked the first car that he would be slow and that everyone else would be pushing him...

But nope, he held his own. And that kid behind him was at least a year or two older than him.

Next up with this car ride, he sat on the inside while Mini Fox and I saw up top.

She got her own seat, she loved it.

After this it was getting late and the kids wanted some food, and when I looked at the clock it was 9:30! We ate a quick bite of chicken tenders (which really should have been just breading, because there was little chicken to be found), and french fries.

We headed back to the car and I changed the kids in into their pajamas, yep in the truck of the car*

Baby Fox kept telling me during dinner that I was the best, best, best, best mommy in the whole world for taking him there. So glad that he loved it!

*side note: When we first took Baby Fox to Disneyland, he was about 2.5. We changed him into his jammies in the trunk too. When we layed him down, he said "Oh No!, I in trunk!" Then the next day he kept telling everyone that Mommy put me in trunk, lol. At least the people he was telling already knew the story and that just made it even more funny.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. Sunday was a busy day too...

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  1. You have so many fun places close to your house!

  2. Aww too much fun! I am taking my kids to Knotts Berry Farm for Christmas.. Well, it's their "big" Christmas present from me :) We are going the weekend of January 9th w/my sister and her family - We are sooo excited. Thanks for sharing your fun pictures, now I know what to expect.. Lol... :)

  3. I love Knott's Berry Farm - you are a brave mommy to take the kids on your own! Looks like a super fun day!