Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stripes and Leopard Oh My

What looks better than stripes and leopard? I'm not sure, but really loving this outfit. What I hate the most about this outfit, I can't wear it more than once a week. Boo!

I picked up this jacket during my Spring Style Challenge shopping spree. But it's been so hot here, this is the first time I've had a chance to wear it, crazy I know! It just sat in my closet taunting me, everyday, since it's the first thing in my closet.

Jeans - Loft (similar), Long Sleeve T - Target, Jacket - Target (similar), Scarf - Norstroms (similar), Booties - Target (similar)

Some randoms:

Yesterday morning, Baby Fox woke up 1.5 hours before normal and Mini Fox woke up a little early too, what better time than to snuggle and watch some tv? In matching jammies and blankies (her's is pink polka dot, his is blue polka dot) of course!

I could just kiss those cheeks off!

I guess one water wasn't enough, she needed one in each hand.

She was actually playing with this little pink castle last night, it was so cute.


After Mr. got home, some friends called and said they were headed to Chuck E. Cheese, I haven't been in 28 years? We get there, and are walking up to go in and we ask each other, is there a cover charge to get in (there were velvet ropes at the door)? How does this work? haha...we're so old. In case you didn't know, when you walk in you're stopped by a velvet rope to get a stamp, everyone in your family gets the same number stamp so when you leave they shine a black light over your arm to make sure all the numbers match. We appreciated that.

I didn't take a picture, but I made some turkey salad sandwiches and they were killer. Try it, you won't regret it.


  1. Stripes + leopard print = my favorite pattern mixing combo. :) You look amazing!

  2. I would prob love turkey salad! Pretty pattern mix,
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  3. Love the stripes and leopard mixed together! Looks great on you! The two of them snuggling together is so precious!!!
    We tried to go to Chuck's a year or so ago and walked in and right back out! lol! The one here is attached to the crap mall we have. It was so ghetto! lol!

  4. Your two kids are absolutely darling! I love the stripes and animal print scarf!

  5. LOL about Chuck E Cheese. We haven't been in ages either :)
    The pic of both of them together is so adorable.

  6. oooh love that jacket and the whole outfit and the shoes!! I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese in ages. My husband loved it as a kid. I never went as a kid though, we had something different locally. Nice with the #s though.

  7. Love that striped blazer and your scarf too!!

    Found your blog via linkup. I would love to connect with you on GFC or social media. Let me know if you're up for it!


  8. I'm not really a fan of the animal prints (I know, I'm crazy!) but this outfit is seriously perfect!! Love it!