Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Blogging Break

And just like that Monday rolled around, and I didn't do one blog post while I was gone for the Thanksgiving break. Unintentional but much needed. I'm recharged and ready to get back at it, that is until Christmas break...then there might be another blogging break.

Guess what? We got our family pictures back on Wednesday! I'm so excited to share them with you...but you'll have to wait, why? Cause I can *insert evil grin here* I love how they turned out, minus the sour face on Mini Fox the entire time, lol. Oh well, three out of four looking good isn't bad.

I took Wednesday off and did nothing, it was great. I pretended I was going to do some Christmas tree stuff, but I didn't, haha. We did however go do this on Wednesday.

 Mini Fox's Dress and Baby Fox's Shirt are from Gymboree and are on mega sale!
You know usually I don't condone anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, but going to see Santa before T-day, totally okay. There is no line, if you don't like your pictures you can get back in line and take some more. It's great, you should try it next year.

We found a rocking horse and had to step over the very large gated off area to put her on it

It always ends in tears

Not the official picture we bought, but pretty darn close

For Thanksgiving I was in charge of bringing bread, so I decided to try and make my own...I know crazy right? But a friend had made this a few years ago for a dinner party, so I thought I would give it a whirl, it was AWESOME! You have to try it and impress all of your friends/family. Seriously. I of course brought back up, trusty 'ol Hawaiian Rolls, everyone loves those right?

Thanksgiving was perfect, we were at my cousin's house with some of her family from the other side, it so much fun, and the kids had a blast. Wasn't the table gorgeous?

And my SIL out did herself with the desserts. She made everything from scratch, including the pumpkin part! I can't eat it, but I hear it was delicious!

Quick family photo

These people really know how to throw a Thanksgiving meal.

Friday I woke up early and went here. I didn't get any deals, but there was no one in there! I was actually surprised? I thought it would be crazy, but I guess all the deal to be had were had the night before.

 We decorated the upstairs Christmas tree, this is the tree with the random ornaments we've collected through the years.

We did it while Mini was sleeping, but she loved wearing the Santa hat

Then while the kids took their nap, Mr. and I snuck out to see the new Hunger Games movie, it didn't disappoint. So good!

Saturday I woke up early to get the grocery shopping done before leaving for Big Bear. You know it's early when it's just you and the gas truck at Costco.

As I was unpacking the groceries and getting ready to leave, my friend called and said three of the 5 people in her family woke up with sore we canceled and did this for a good part of the day.

Sunday I decided to make a Turkey for dinner. Okay I didn't decide this on Sunday, I decided on Thursday (yep on Thanksgiving I sent Mr. to the store to buy a turkey so it could start the thawing out process. I asked him if they checker looked at him funny, he said he used the machine and never talked to anyone). How I came about this...well I had to make my own stuffing to bring with me (since I can't eat butter), and I was going to have most of it left over, so I thought, what goes best with stuffing? Turkey, but since I knew there wouldn't be much left over Turkey, I decided why not do Thanskgiving again on Sunday. So we did.

But before that, Mini Fox was being all cute with her Blankie.

She found brother's blankie and started hauling that thing around too.

Here's a good place for a nap

They do love their blankies

Back to the meal. I learned how to carve a turkey, I really stink at it. By the time I took the picture, everyone had already taken their food...oops!

Not pretty, I know, but it was really good
Some sides to go with:

Green beans and bacon and mashed potatoes (as you can see they were a hit)

Gravy, yum!
So good, and we get this for the next few night...yay! 

Did I ever tell you guys I tried to make Thanksgiving dinner in July, but couldn't find a stinkin' turkey?
How was your Thanksgiving? How many times did you eat Thanksgiving dinner? hehe.

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  1. What a fun, relaxing weekend you had. I love long weekends. And I got to the end of your post and was ready to eat Thanksgiving again! Everything looked so yummy.

  2. What a fun holiday weekend. Looks like a great time and the food looks delicious! I love your scarf, btw!

  3. Mmmm!! The food looks soooo delish!!! :) so excited to see the family photos :D

  4. I’m with you! It was a good and refreshing break. Now I am typing up posts like crazy. Love when that happens! Can’t wait to see the family pictures. I need to share ours as well. And that Santa picture…you should go enter that in the cardstore candid picture contest I posted about today! Looks like a winner to me. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Your kiddos are too precious!