Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites #41

I got these photos from Mr. on Monday while I was at the gym with Baby Fox.

He captioned this one "Mini Fox's crazy homeless princess look"

Cause every girl needs a scruffy cat, binoculars, blanket and car shoes.

 We did a family trip to the allergy doctors, the kids wanted Daddy to read them a book.

She said she wanted to sit in a big girl chair, say what?! When did she get old enough to sit in a chair, no more high chair? How we kept her sitting there, threatened her every 6 seconds, if you get out of your chair you're going into the high chair (that was sitting right next to her).

I can't stop watching this cake decorating lady on Youtube, seriously. I want to try everything she does. She makes it look so easy, when I know for a fact that it is not. How fun is this cake? I'm going to attempt to make these and maybe these for Mini Fox's birthday party. I did a test run last night, let me tell you ladies, the learning curve is steep! But I'm just going to do it, at least it will taste good.


Baby Fox starts school tomorrow. His teacher dropped this off to us on Wednesday night. Which by the way I didn't realize that he was starting school today, and I thought that he was starting next mentally I thought we had all next week to hang out while I took the week of. Now I'll just get some extra time with Mini Fox.
He ate the apple as soon as we said we were done taking pictures. 
So excited about the Fall Hair Challenge, I'm getting ready with hair styles to do next week. And contemplating if I want to film it or not. So much more work, especially with having to get ready for Mini Fox's birthday party...
Even if you do one hair style link up with us and get some ideas from others!

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