Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites #44

Happy Friday all! Sorry I've been sort of MIA with commenting and reading your blogs. Work has been super crazy. I don't normally talk about work, but let's just say it's crazy and they decided that we're moving offices on Tuesday and we have to be out and moved by next week. Crazy right? But since it is Friday I'll give you a recap of my favorite things this week.

Daddy got home and they just wanted snuggles, so cute.

Then we decided to open some more of Mini Fox's gifts. Yes it's taken us this long to open all of the gifts. We'd open one and then they would want to play with it, we finally finished opening all of the gifts, now to get on those Thank You cards.

This is what happens when your kids asks their Mom the engineer to play train tracks with them. I used every single track we had...this is my best one yet. I might have asked Mr. to alter one of the pieces so that I could get to get a piece with two holes and no pegs (all you train building Mama's know what I'm talking about)

2 minutes after taking this picture they went through and godzilla'd it

This video makes me so happy. We've been trying to get her on video doing her snoring bit. Up until about 2 weeks ago, she would keep her eyes wide open and stare at you while snoring. It was hilarious.

Random picture that make me laugh.
Doesn't every kid wear masks/goggles and eat dinner?

She threw a tantrum at the doctors office because I wouldn't let her eat gum.

I love that she is so girly, yet she loves to play with helicopters and cars and even makes the noise to go with.

Mr. went to get Mini Fox from her nap and found her like this. A girl can never have too many binky's.
And one more thing before I go. It's been a super crappy week, but these faces just make me smile. And yes Baby Fox took them right off because it is way too hot to wear long sleeve Pj's to bed, Mini Fox would not take them off, I begged and pleaded, she's one stubborn girl.

She's saying cheese behind that bear/blanket, I kept trying to tell her I can't see your pretty face. She didn't believe me.

Oh wait...just because this same picture from last year is on my desktop wallpaper (guess I need to update it)...they're getting so big!
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