Sunday, December 20, 2015

4 Day Weekend

Hi guys! We are at Legoland for a couple of days so no recap today. I didn't think they would have free wifi, so no computer. Currently writing this from my phone  and sitting in a dark hotel room waiting for the kids to fall asleep. It's hilarious and so entertaining.

First, neither kids took a nap today.

Second, it is currently 8:30

Mini Fox: Coco (what she calls him) where are you? 

Baby Fox: (no answer)

Mini Fox: Coco what are you doing?!?

Baby Fox: (no answer)

Mini Fox: Coco, where are you?

Baby Fox: (whispered voice) in the top bunk.

Mini Fox: oh, I am in my crib.

Then repeat this same conversation a few more times. Kids, they are so funny. 

See you tomorrow for our blogging Christmas exchange post!!

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