Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

It's a recap on a Tuesday! This weekend was pretty low key, Mr. was studying all weekend but went to my Aunt's house to study, so I could say home with the kids. So it was me and two kids with no driving capability. Luckily my parents kept us entertained for part of the weekend.

Friday I hung out with the little miss while Baby Fox was in school. She decided I needed more shots on top of the shots I already get.

I asked her to pose. I said put your hand on your hip like this, the sass is all her.

Time for some play house.

Then she wanted to watch a little tv, I can't remember for the life of me what she was watching.

My mom picked me up because I wanted to get some supplies for Baby Fox's birthday tree, then we picked up Baby Fox and headed out to get some lunch at In and Out.

These pictures were just too cute for words. She's actually eating a hamburger, her first one!

How adorable is this picture? Definitely going into her senior year book page.

Friday night the kids and I watch the Polar Express for the first time, I LOVED it, so much so I'm writing about it on The Blended Blog tomorrow!

Saturday morning this girl wanted some snuggles, won't say no to that.

My dad took Baby Fox to the Home Depot kids workshop while Mini Fox and I played some more. Watched a little Frozen, gotta take advantage of brother not being home. Then we headed to my parents for some lunch until naptime.

Mr. did send me a picture...of him "studying"...hard at work I see.

Sunday we met my parents (and when I say that, they came and picked us up) at church for the pancake breakfast and meeting Santa!

It was cute they had the kids start on one side of the room, and then work their way around the room doing different crafts until they ended up with Santa.

Pancake breakfast, yum!

Cute penguin. Okay so where were these smiles for family pictures? Next year might be our year...I won't hold my breath.

As my parents dropped us off, little miss wanted to go home with them.

It was before naptime, so we did some crafting, Mini Fox colored and caused general mayhem in the crafting department.

Baby Fox was hard at work making a count down to LEGOLAND (so weird, LEGOLAND, I type it normal and it automatically changes to all caps, anyone else's blogger do that?...I know you're going to your template in blogger to check...or is it just me? Hmmm...??) Anyway, 14 more days and we're headed to LEGOLAND, he's so excited.

He colored, cut, numbered and taped (with my help just holding the papers together, and little help ripping the tape off)

Mr. came home Saturday late, was studying all day Sunday, but brought back this dress from my Aunt. She couldn't wait to put it on.

Then her and Baby Fox decided they should go on a date, it was so cute. They walked around and then knocked on our laundry room door like they were going to a party, walked in and pretended that there were people in the laundry room, so cute.

The Noah's Ark she's holding, is her date purse I was informed.

That's our weekend...went to PT today, and I still can't drive, insert sad face here, he said maybe on Friday...fingers crossed!

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