Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I Wore - Imagine a Boot

Hello! I know super late posting today, but we got to wrapping gifts last night, well Mr. was wrapping the gifts, I was cleaning up and working on Baby Fox's birthday cake topper. I hope it comes out, because the decorating tip I was using had a fight with the garbage disposal and well...things didn't go well for my decorating tips, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I do this...I use a tip and it goes down the disposal, need to go get some more, STAT.

Anyway, off topic. So I actually got dressed up on Saturday, did my make-up and forgot to take an outfit post. My last walking boot outfit...BUT, I do have the outfit that I did wear, it was a suggestion from Alison from last years Winter Challenge.

But imagine a walking boot, a silver statement necklace, and a black TOM wedge look-a-like.

Guess what happened yesterday? I got out of my walking boot! Kicked it to the curb! Instead I got this lovely thing, hear the sarcasm?

I would almost prefer the boot, it barely fits in my tennis shoe, what outfit could I possibly wear for Christmas with workout shoes? Okay he did say I could wear regular shoes, but most of the shoes I own are heels...what to do, what to do...
Anyway, while I figure that out, come back tomorrow for a big announcement! Nope I'm not pregnant...keep on guessing.

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