Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites - the New #50

Happy Friday. Is anyone else suffering from it's almost Christmas break and I don't feel like working any more? I really hope I'm not the only one. For some reason it really feel like yesterday was Friday and that I should be off today, but I'm not, boo.

Last night I came down from working in the office around 5pm and guess what was sitting on the counter? Yep, Mr. took the initiative to stuff and seal our Christmas cards, such a sweet guy right?! I was shocked and so happy I didn't have to stuff them. Now I just need to address them, put postage on and I'm done, woo hoo! Don't worry, I print out labels, no way can I hand address that many.

I know you really wanted to see a picture of my foot...but my first day of physical Therapy was this week and it's going so well! Today at PT I'm actually going to take steps without my boot on! Oh and I'm going to DRIVE MYSELF to PT...can you tell I'm excited. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday!

 Funny story about these pants, you've seen these, they are the ones I got from Fablethic, anyway, my dad picks me up and looks at me and says, you're wearing that to PT? So we get there and my dad had my PT before, so he tells him to go ahead and charge me double for wearing pants that look like that, haha.

Some random pictures of the kids I'm loving. Everyday she wants to dress up. She's just the cutest.

Baby Fox fell and hit his lip, it was a bleeder, so he's sucking on a freezer owie thing and Mini Fox was just super concerned, so she wanted in on the snuggles too. Oh and that super soft blanket, from Costco, only $15 worth EVERY penny, run don't walk to go get one too.

These when they do this.

These got to go to Disneyland again yesterday, they had a blast. Although Mini Fox got no nap and it was rough when they got home, let me tell ya. But at least they had fun. Her favorite ride.

Cookies, he'll do anything for dessert.

How she talked anyone into buying this I'm not sure, all I know is she was on a super sugar high when they dropped her off.

We play a lot of games at our house, we turn EVERYTHING into a game and one of their favorite delay tactics is to play hide and seek. Their favorite thing is to hide somewhere, and then when the person who is seeking walks away they move positions and hide somewhere else. It's super cute listening to them giggling away. Guess where they are?

The other game is that Mini Fox likes to throw her hands out like this and say ICE POWER! And usually the person it's directed to, falls down dead, she thinks it's hilarious. I love that little giggle. She totally came up with the ice power on her own.

Lately she hasn't been saying Ice Power, mostly because we already know what she's doing. But if you're new, don't think she won't say it.

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