Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I Wore - Walking Boot Edition

I feel like I haven't done a what I wore post in forever! But since I got my walking boot, seriously this thing is the Air Jordan of walking boots, literally, it has a pump in it that I pump up to support my ankle. In case you're new here, this is the story how I got myself into a pink cast and then this walking boot. But now that I am more mobile and not feeling as much pain, I'm actually getting dress! Woo hoo, to not wearing leggings with one leg cut off, lol.

I wore this to our first Thanksgiving dinner, I had the boot for about two hours before this photo was taken. It felt good to put some make-up on and get out with the land of the living.

The next morning it was pretty awesome to just put on some leggings that were tight. I didn't have to wear something baggie to get over the cast. If you're wondering, I got those pants from Fabletics, you can get your first workout outfit for $25 for first time customers. I can tell you that the quality is amazing, and oh so comfy, definitely worth getting a whole workout outfit for $25. I am not being paid to tell you that, but if you decide to join I get a referral fee, if you click on this link. To be honest I think it's worth to get your first outfit for $25. It's a subscription, so you will have to skip each month to opt out of the automatic charge. I just keep skipping on the first of the month, just in case I need some workout clothes, I keep the subscription. Anyway, that was way off subject of this post...sorry about that. Back on track.

I went on a date night with Mr. on Wednesday. And have been dying to wear this tunic, I bought it at the Nordstrom anniversary sale (sorry not available any more).

And look, look, I actually did an outfit post! My first in over 5 weeks! So proud of myself. I bought this shift dress from Old Navy (similar).

Isn't the boot sexy? I know you never want one, haha. In case you are wondering I am wearing a super tall black sock, that's what that weird line is by my knee. They said no wearing short socks, so I bought super tall ones. All in all, it's nice to be able to take my boot off to sleep and take a bath (can't shower yet since I can't stand on the leg yet).

I give major props to Katie for sporting her boot during a Style Challenge!
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