Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Gift Giving Guide

I know, not another one of these, but I thought I would show you what I am actually getting the people in my life. So if you are one of those people in my life that I am buying gifts for, stop reading right now! Don't peek, seriously, it would ruin the surprise...okay did you stop? Okay let's get serious the people in my life don't read my blog...I guess they do on occasion, but hopefully they'll skip this one.

First if you're from Alison's blog welcome! I hope you find something useful in my guide today! Let's get started.

Don't you just love this graphic? Deena did such a great job!

What I Am Giving My Mother-In-Law: My MIL has lost a lot of weight recently so her wardrobe is starting over, I thought a pair of jeans and a simple top could go a long way.

gift for Mother In Law

What you could add: 

My MIL lives in the PNW, it gets cold there, these accessories would be perfect for her and that outfit An Old Navy Fleece Lined Vest*  and an Echo Braided Hairband*


What I Am Giving My Mom:

I know looks familiar with the accessories for my MIL right? Well I just love this vest* so much. It's super warm and comfortable! I know a total grab bag of stuff for my Mom, but I know she loves polka dots and then you add paisley on top of it, score for the best scarf ever (confession, I might have ordered one for myself too), and I thought another white vest would be the perfect addition to her wardrobe, who doesn't love a good vest? I also got my sister and SIL the same socks...I mean how could I pass them up?

What You Could Add:

These* Kate Spade earrings.

What I am Giving Mr.:

He's so hard to shop for...but I finally figured something out! Some new workout shorts*.I'm so excited to give these to him. I know he's going to love them, I just love my one pair of lululemon pants.

What I am Giving My Sister:

She wants a new scent, so my mom and I are giving her that, it's called Angel*. I am giving her the lotion and my mom is giving her the hair mist and lotion.

What I am giving the Grandparents:

Every year I give all of the grandparents a calendar of the kids. I use to take pictures specifically for the month, but fell off that wagon this year, so I have to pick that back up next year. And then for the days, I put pictures of what happened on that same day a year ago. It's crazy how much the kids grow. And no I don't have a picture in all of the squares and sometimes I fudge what day it is to make the calendar look good, but for the most part it

This was last years calendar, since I don't have this years completed yet. the cover.

January 2015: Aren't they so small? I just love seeing them from a year ago.

I just love it, the first couple of year Mr. and I didn't take one for ourselves, but now we both have one in our offices. If you haven't done this you should! Shutterfly is always having a sale on them! We also buy our Christmas cards on Shutterfly. Use my code and you get 50%* off of you cards.

My Brother and Sister-In-Law:

My brother and SIL are really into Moscow Mules and have been looking for the perfect mug* for them. I think these just scream perfection and they have 955 5 star reviews, good in my book! So fun.

That's all I have for now! I hope something on the list helped you find something for your loved ones during this giving season. I just love trying to find the perfect gift.

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