Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Blended Blog Christmas Exchange

Hello! I know, I've missed a few days here, unplanned. I was really planning on posting on Friday, but Thursday I was just tired and couldn't get my act together, then the weekend happened and we went to my cousin's that is 100 miles away, so 200 miles round trip in one evening, then we left for LEGOLAND first thing Sunday morning. But today I'm excited to be blogging about another Christmas exchange I participated in with some of The Blended Blog ladies.

I got an awesome gift from Alison from Puppies and Pretties.

First let's talk that cute towel. It was packaged on top and the first thing I saw. So, so cute right?

But wait, it gets better, I opened it up after I took this picture and guess what? There were 4 foxes on it!

I got this picture after this guy tried to photobomb my picture.

And then I noticed the cute pom poms on the bottom. I was using it in my kitchen and was going to take a photo of it on our oven, but then Mini Fox dumped a cup of water on the kitchen table and tried to clean it up before we noticed...yep, with that towel, so it was soaked and couldn't get a picture.

yep I folded it back up to show you the pom poms
Alison also sent me this cute fox spoon rest...SOO much better than the plain white one I had.

Then she sent me all of these cute soaps, she must have known my kids love Mickey and Minnie because these soaps are so cute. And the other one smell amazing, and will going into the downstairs bathroom for all of our Christmas Dinner guests (22 if you wanted to know).

There you have it, a beautiful box, just for me from Alison! Thank you so much Alison for the very thoughtful gift! Now go check out what I got Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe! I tried to find something she wouldn't normally buy herself, but I thought she would look great in! I hope it fits. Else I hope she can get the correct size.

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