Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Pinterest

Hello! Back linking up with Andrea again for Show and Tell Tuesday. This time we're showing a Pinterst Pin we've done lately good or bad. I was thinking about what would be useful around the house, that was a kid craft, when I remember the empty wreath on my front door. I actually took that ribbon off and was going to do something else...but then never did. So it's been sitting on my front door since January...plain, with nothing on it, oops. I thought today is the day I fix that! Since St. Patrick's Day is approaching next I thought I would do a St. Patty's Day wreath. I found this pin:

It is actually a listing for a wreath on Etsy for $60. I was like, hey I can make that, I already have the wreath part! So off to Hobby Lobby I went with the kids, they were so cute helping me pick stuff out at the store. Wish I had taken pictures. Anyway, here's where I started.

Then while trying to find some ribbon, I found a burlap ribbon and a white ribbon with some glittery Shamrocks on it. I asked the kids and they liked the burlap one, so that's what we got. Then when I was trying to find the bit Shamrock that was in the middle I found a sign that said "Lucky" on it. I did find a big shamrock but it was going to require me to paint it and the kids liked the "Lucky" sign better, phew, dodged that painting bullet. When I got home when I was trying to make the bow, I decided that since my "Lucky" sign was smaller than the wreath that it need something a little more so I laced some of the burlap ribbon through the wreath. Here's a quick video how I did that.

Then I made the bow, I thought a video is much easier than pictures, plus it's hard to take pictures of doing something when there isn't anyone to help out with hitting the shutter, a remote can only do so much if both hands are occupied, hehe.

Then I attached the sign and I had my St. Patricks Day wreath. I love it, and the best part of it is? I made it so I can take it all apart, save the parts for next year and add something different for the next holiday. Win in my book.

My cost break down:

Technically I already had the wreath, but I ended up buying more supplies for a Easter tutorial I'm going to do for The Blended Blog.

Wire Wreath - $3.99
3 30 foot burlap ribbon rolls - $4.99 each (on sale was $9.99)
Lucky Sign - $4.89 (on sale)
Shamrock Burlap Ribbon - $2.09 (on sale)
Floral Wire - $3.99

And the moment you've all been waiting for!

Funny that the door in the Pin is black too, but I think it turned out pretty great! Next time I might put some sort of ribbon behind it or something to make it stand out a little more. While it didn't turn out exactly like the pin, it gave me the inspiration to do what I did, so I think that counts right?

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