Thursday, September 28, 2017

Family Outfits For Pictures

Hello Foxy Friends. This past weekend we did our family photos! I know it seems early, but I like to do them early so we get the day/time we want from our photographer and then we also get less crowds in the background because typically we are picking locations that tend to have a lot of people taking photos also. Last year I gave you 5 Tips to picking out your family photo outfits, and then followed up with some ideas for family outfits, this year I thought I would do some leg work for you as well, and do the same thing!

How to pick out family outfits

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Family Outfit #1

I'm going to start with what we actually wore this year.
Mom: Dress / Sandals (similar) / Necklace
Dad: Polo Shirt / Jeans / Shoes
Boy:  ShirtJeans  / Shoes
Girl: Dress / Sandals / Headband

Family Outfit #2

Mom: Dress / Heels / Earrings
Dad: Polo Shirt / SlacksShoes
Boy: Sweater / SlacksShoes
Girl: Dress / ShoesHeadband

What is great about the little girls dress, is it comes in different styles for different age groups, so if you have three girls, they all have the same patter, just different styles.

Family Outfit #3

Mom: Dress / Heels / Earrings
Dad: SweaterSlacks / Shoes
Boy: ShirtSlacks / Shoes
Girl: DressShoes / Headband

This dress has the same thing. I love that Gymboree does this, I don't remember them ever doing this in the past, or maybe I just wasn't looking. But in any case, so super cute!

Alright that's it for now, I have so many more ideas floating around in my head, but I'll leave you with these 3, stay tuned for some more casual outfits and some Holiday themed ones.

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