Monday, September 4, 2017

TBB Asks: September Edition

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Welcome back to TBB Asks, where we ask the questions and you answer, so easy right? Join up with us the first Monday of the month, find the questions on social media or our blog for the next month a few days before. Easy post if you ask me. I'm all about easy and not having to think too much or too hard! So here are this months questions.


1. Did you lover school or hate it? Loved it!

2. Start school before or after Labor Day? Always after, as you know my birthday was this week, I would be so bummed if I had to go to school on my birthday. In college it always started my birthday week.

3. Wake Up: eager beaver or slow poke? Eager beaver

4. Favorite Breakfast? In high school my dad wouldn't let me go to school without eating breakfast so I hate a nutrigrain strawberry bar and milk every morning. Occasionally I would have a bagel with cheese on it, so good. Man I loved the days when I didn't have to think about carbs.

5. Favorite Cereal? Don't like cereal all that much growing up. Or now for that matter. Seems like a waste of calories, never fills me up and I just keep eating it and never really get full.

6. School Uniform or no uniform? Nope, although in elementary school we weren't allowed to wear shorts. Super weird to start wearing shorts in 7th grade to school.

7. New outfit for first day or no? You know I had a new outfit! I lived for the first day of school!

8. Walk to school or ride the bus? My parents drove me, 7th grade we took the bus about 50% of the time, but then they stopped the bus service, so my dad drove us to school.

9. Backpack, tote or messenger bag? Backpack in elementary school, junior high and high school and messenger bag in college (I was so cool with the messenger bag, it was orange)

10. Eat school lunch or pack lunch? Mostly packed lunch, in elementary school they came out with a monthly lunch schedule and we could pick out days we could buy lunch (that post is a Monday TBB Asks post on September 25th)

11. Remember the little milk cartons? White or Chocolate? Neither, once in 2nd grade we went to see the dairy farm where we got our school lunches, and I saw a cow be born (think City Slickers) and never drank milk from school again.

12. Paper bag or lunch box? Paper Bag..although I vaguley remember having a lunch box in elementary school.

13. Favorite thing to do at recess? Each year was different, but it ranged from teather ball, to bars, to 4 square.

14. Favorite back to school supply item? Getting new Lisa Frank Folders and a new pencil case from Hello Kitty (specifically my favorite was Keroppi)



I was obsesed with that little green frog.

15. Chalkboard or dry erase board? My teachers had over head projectors..and a mix between white and chalk board.

16. Regular pencil or mechanical? I was all about mechanical pencils, but now, regular pencils, there is no better smell that a freshly sharpened #2 pencil.

17. Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner? Homework right when I got home.

18. Favorite after school snack? Fruit snacks, still is, haha.

19. Favorite after school show? I can't remember anything specific. We weren't allowed to watch much TV on school days. As I got older I loved TRL on MTV. Anyone else?

20. Favorite subject in school? Math, big surprise oh and physics. (Side-note: I wanted to get my masters in physics, but couldn't due to the fact I didn't get my undergrad in it, so I would have had to take so many undergrad classes to catch up, and of course they didn't offer any undergrad classes for working people, boo)
21. Least favorite school subject? English

22. Name of your best friend in high school? Catherine, although she goes by Cat now and I don't really talk to her much any more, but thank goodness for FB.

23. High school mascot type? Highlander


24. SAT or ACT? I did both, ACT in 10th grade (I think or was it called Pre-SAT?) and SAT in 11th grade

25. Favorite year in school? I think 10th grade, that was when we went to the high school campus (junior high was 7, 8, 9)

26. Class ring or no class ring? No class ring, although I wanted one...but never got around to ordering one.

27. Attend or not attend high school reunion? Yep, and I actually reconnected with my brothers best friend from back in the day and we happen to live in the same town and now our kids play soccer together and he's the coach, he's actually coached both kids. Small world right?

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