Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites #134

Happy Friday! My first long week in a LONG time!With all of the trips we've been taking and then taking the following monday off, it's probably been about 2 months since I worked a full 5 days!

In case you missed it this week:

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Bonus: Check out my kitchen tour on Youtube. I'll have a full post with pictures on Tuesday.

Linking up with The Blended Blog again to share some blogs I've been loving around the internet.

Christy from R Squared and this week her blog post really hit close to home. She's talking about letting her kids go as they grow up. Letting them spread their wings a bit and explore the world around them. Man it's super hard to do that, and not want to watch their ever move.

Susannah from Simple Moments Stick, wrote another post that was so, so true. She writes about finding friends in the Mama stage in life, and having to open yourself up and love others and they will find you too. So, true. So many times I was crying to my mom and sister about not having friends in my area, and I got out, asked people to play dates and I finally found my tribe.

Rochelle from Pink Sole, put together a 20 piece Fall capsule wardrobe and knocked it out of the park. Such a good combination and great pieces that will last for years to come! Go check out her blog for all 20 outfits. I might have to actually put together her capsule wardrobe and try it out for 20 days...who's with me?

This girl started her second year of preschool.

Her school is walking distance, usually we drive, but she really likes when we can walk.

All the shoes lined up outside.

Looking forward to a great year of growing, learning and loving.

Last Thursday I went to celebrate my birthday with my tribe. So thankful for these ladies, one is missing, as she had a cold and left already, but so happy we get to hang out and watch our kids grow up together.

Friday this girl celebrated her birthday at preschool. Her teacher made all of her favorite food and even sent a plate home for Baby Fox, as it is his favorite too.

For her party, we wanted to give away cupcakes as the party favor, and my dad suggested we do cups with lids, and turn them upside down so that they cupcake is sitting on the lid and the cup part is covering the cupcake. Genius, although he saw it at a cupcake store. If you look at the center of the table you can see one, a pink cupcake is in it.

I told him to find all the materials, as I didn't want to drive around town to hunt it down. He ended up going to Corner Bakery and asking them to buy 24 watercups with lids, and the manager said, sure and then only charge him $1, then he went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some Frozen stickers, which we used on the cups and then we cut out the pacakging and used those pictures in her birthday banner, wins all around!

Friday night we set up her balloon door. We usually try to decorate the doors for the kids...unfortunately she woke up at 3:30am having to pee, opened the door and screamed "MAMA!" and crying...poor thing! Plus she has 102° temp...

Saturday morning we redid the door so she could open it again, then headed out to Baby Fox's soccer game. The boys did great, we are actually watching real soccer, with positions and passing and stuff, it's pretty fun.

Afterwards we headed to the beach, to hang out with some friends who were camping, we didn't camp, but we hung out all afternoon.

The kids found some other kids to dig holes with, universal kid language, help me dig, we're friends now.

Stomp rocket was a hit.

Camp fire with lots of friends, the best.

Had to walk over to take a picture of the gorgeous sunset.

Sunday, I know so much, and it's only Sunday, we celebrated Mini Fox's birthday, but I'll leave that for a post of it's own. Here's a picture with the birthday girl.

As always, here are things around the internet that I've been loving.

You guys, I'm sure you've already heard already, but I am SOOOO excited, and even more excited that it's going to be an on going collab with them, each season getting something new, what?! I'm going to be running out of storage room for all of the decorations.

I know I always post about him, but he always comes out with great songs. This one is super awesome, so many costume changes, I can't even imagine how long it took them to put this together! It's one song, sung in 24 different genres.

You know you were singing along to every single word of this. Takes me back, loved that show!

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