Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sentence A Day: August Edition

1- Traffic sucks, why must it take 2 hours to get home everyday?

2- Late to R.I.P.P.E.D but better 10 minutes late than never.

3- Allergy shots, again, back to the beginning of the column, boo! Why must I be so allergic to everything?!

4- Hanging out with mom and sister, feel likes forever!

5- Fairy trail hiking with friends, so fun!

6- We set up a 12x15 tent in my living room.

7- Why isn't my stair stepper counter working?!

8- Swim lessons, only 3 weeks left!

9- Man that was a long drive home, guess no gym today, time to pack for the trip!

10- We're going on a trip, we're going on a trip!

11- Wine tasting and random trip to see Elephant Seals.

12- Beach day, the kids had a blast and it was nice that they can finally entertain themselves.

13- Driving home, long drive, but the weekend with friends was worth it.

14- When your car registration and tags come in the mail, put them in/on your car immediately, thankful for AAA for saving my butt some time, 10 minutes and $20 and I have my tags and registration in my hot little hands.

15- The kids got their Halloween costumes, now, for them NOT to change their mind would be a miracle.

16- Working out to the new release and boy is it hard!

17- Mini Fox is sleeping at my parents, so it's just Me, Mr. and the boy.

18- Fright night lights, or something like that. Bestie moved to my town, which means we can watch her son play, he's in JV and usually plays on Thursday, so we had to come for his one Friday scrimmage.

19- Birthday party, followed up with going to a friends work back to school night = perfect day.

20- Super productive, cleaned out closet, grocery shopping with two kids, hung out with friend and talked about the camping trip, who's bringing what.

21- Baby Fox has soccer practice, might as well get a workout in, some step ups using the bench,  burpees, squats, lunges, stair running, feels good.

22- I had all the best intentions to workout...but it just didn't happen.

23- Packing for a trip, we're going on our first camping trip, will all this stuff fit into the trunk?!

24- Taking two days to get to Yosemite, glad we did that, the kids did great and the hotel had a pool.

25- Within the first hour, Baby Fox comes up to me and says, this is the best trip ever, can we stay the week?

26- The kids did amazing hiking to Vernal Falls, so proud of them!

27- 8 hour drive...worth it!

28- First Day of School, I have a first grader!

29- Last swim lesson of the season...I get my Tuesdays back, woo hoo!

30- It's my birthday, it's my birthday!

31 - Feeling lazy and tired, no workout today.

I hope you'll join us next month! We post the first Thursday of every month! See you there!

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