Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: What Brings Me Joy

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I'm so excited to be joining CrystalBeth, Jessica, and Stephanie for What Brings Me Joy. I love this link up as it reminds us to stop and really think about the little things that bring you joy. This month Heather from My Glittery Heart and I are the co-hosts!

Celebrating my cousin who is pregnant with her second girl. I love that I have so many cousins, so we get lots of new baby snuggles. This prevents me from actually having another baby when I get to love on someone else's baby and then hand them back. Haha. Last weekend was her baby shower and it was so much fun with so much love and support, it was awesome, and just made me incredibly happy, and made the 3 hour drive (round trip) worth it!


Celebrating weddings also makes me incredibly happy. I mean who doesn't love a good wedding. It was on the beach, I mean people were having to lift up their feet as the waves rolled in, haha. But the bride and groom were so happy, and did not stop smiling the whole time. Funny, they both live in Austin, met each other and then found out both of their families lived miles apart. Funny how the world works like that.

I just love this picture of the happy couple.

Beach days bring me joy. For whatever reason we didn't really go to the beach in years past, even though we live about 20 minutes away, crazy right? Lately we've been getting to the beach more often and I'm loving it. The kids can play, dig and are more independent, so Mr. and I can really sit back and relax and watch the kids play.

Those are random kids my kids found to play with, it was awesome that kids just look at each other say, hey can I dig with you and they are besties.

I mean views like this, yes please! Plus the can play for 6+ hours before we really need to leave, and even then they want to stay longer.

The last time we went apple picking I looked like this (6ish months pregnant) with Baby Fox.:

Now we have two kids...crazy.

Meeting up with friends make it even more fun to go apple picking. This lady was one of my first friends when I moved here. She has since moved away, but we have tried to get together.

The gang is back together again. We're just missing another family, next year we're dragging them with!


Being silly with my family brings me joy too. Just having random family day or doing errands together, or cleaning up together, really anything that we're together for brings me joy.

In case you can't see, Baby Fox is trying to discretely blow that straw wrapper in my face.


Snuggles just before bed are the best.

Make sure to go visit the other co-hosts and see what brings them joy this month.

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