Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Little Black Dress and Currently

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Welcome to the first Blended Blog Style link up for 2018.  So excited to have you all here, and to continue to grow this link up and find new friends to follow. I found this pretty dress at Target, and couldn't wait to get it on. I mean sheer sleeves, polka dots and ruffles, could there be anything better?

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Shoes are old from Jessica Simpson, but here is a similar pair.

I wish I could get my curls to look like this on the first day. Haven't figured that out. When I do them this loose, the curl falls out within an hour, this is day 3 after I curled my hair...hmmm...

The lip color is Lipsense - Blue Red / Eye Shadow Palette / Eye Liner / Eye Lashes / Blush

 Also linking up with Anne from Anne In Residence and her monthly "currently" where she gives you the topics to talk about. This time her cohost is Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants and the topic is starting, hoping, scheduling, reading, and playing.


Hoping to start practicing yoga, I am so not flexible, can't even really touch my toes, but this year I am hoping to change that. FYI: my idea of hell is doing yoga and puzzles, so this one is going to be challenging. I've completed two days so far, so far so good. I'm starting with a 30 days of Yoga with Adriene, here is my play list.


For a great year. I love the beginning of a new year. There are so many hopes for the new year. I'm hoping to take the kids to see new things, experience new things and to live in the moment more.


All things blog related. Trying to get a sense of where this year is going to take me. I like to know what my posts are going to be a month at a I can squeeze working on them here and there.  Pretty soon I'm going to be juggling getting the kids to all of their after school activities.


Currently lots of blog posts and Facebook. Oh that's not what you meant? Well I have a whole stack of books I would like to read...haven't gotten around to actually reading them, but one day.


Lot's of games with the kids. Plus I got Mr. a hover board for Christmas and the whole family has been enjoying it. Mini Fox picked it up crazy fast and Baby Fox was a pro right out the gate. Me on the other hand, not so much. Day two was a bit better, but my sped is snails pace. My friend was watching and said, are you even moving? Yep that's how slow I was going, lol.

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