Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Perfect Wine Sweater

Hello Foxy Friends! I feel like I am almost finally getting out of the vacation blues...granted I've been back at work for 1.5 weeks...I still feel like I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. But worry not I have the most fantastic outfit for you. It's something I made! Yep you read that right, I made this sweatshirt, and it's the most comfortable thing you've ever worn. Okay correction. I put the graphic on it, I did not actually make the sweater shape. I'm not that good.

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I finally found a leopard flat replacement for the ones I have worn down to the ground! Rather I rubbed off all of the leopard on the toe, oops! Took me a couple of years, but I finally found a good replacement and they are comfy!

Similar jeans can be found here.

I'm just too excited not to share, I might have to make one in a short sleeve version so I can wear it come Spring.

I mean how awesome is this?

I made one for myself and then loved it so much that I made it for my friends too.

Seriously I wear this all the time. Sometimes I forget I have it on and wonder, why are people staring at me when I got out, then realize, oh yea, they are reading my sweater, and probably can I get one too?! hahah.

I already have a list of other shirts that I want to make, why buy a graphic shirt/sweatshirt when you can make them yourself! Any graphic shirts I need to know about to make? I'm on a roll here!

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