Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Day In My Life In 10 Pictures

Linking up with Kristin again for Daily Dime, this time I took pictures of a random Monday when Mr. was gone on a business trip so I was working from home.

April 9th

Mr. left for a buisness trip early in the morning...boo! 5 days without him...yikes!

I took the morning off of work, so I got up about 7am, and did some stuff around the house before the kids got up. I got to eat breakfast with Baby Fox (Mini Fox was still asleep).

I don't usually get to do this, but got to take Baby Fox to school too. Love when I get to drop him off at school.

Got home and Mini Fox was up and so I sat with her while she ate breakfast too.

Her favorite breakfast is toast with cream cheese and scrambled eggs. She makes it a sandwich.

After the kids were gone, I got some work done.

Then before lunch I headed to Costco to get myself my favorite salad, since we were gone for the weekend, I didn't get a chance to go over the weekend.

Later in the evening I took Mini Fox to gymnastics (she's upside down on the even bars behind the green and yellow log).

Then after her gymnastics, we rushed over to see the last 2 innings of Baby Fox's baseball game.

Got the kids home, baths, dinner and bed by 8:45pm.

So that is my random Monday of taking half day vacation and half working from home. I love documenting these days, cause I know in 20 years I'm going to forget all of these little things.

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