Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sentence A Day: June

1 - Today was hard, but having family around to support each other during this difficult time makes it better, this will bring us closer together.

2 - I thought yesterday was hard, today was emotionally draining, saying goodbye is never easy.

3 - Took two naps and our cousin came to have lunch with us as they were passing by, that was unexpected but super nice.

4 - Getting up at 3am after having 10 days off, the definition of sucky.

5 - Getting a 1.5 mile run in, between karate and swim lessons is better than nothing right?

6 - I love Baby Fox's love for math, Mr. gave him some sequences to figure out tonight and considering he didn't know what they were, he did fantastic!

7 - Woah, that circuit class was insane!

8 - Mini Fox had an intro to horseback riding lesson today, and she loved it, she is so darn cute.

9 - Star Wars Days at Legoland and Mini Fox wanted to participate in the cosutme contest, although shy, she did great and can't wait to do it again next year.

10 - I love going to church and watching the kids play afterwards, it's so cute, and exactly the church family we wanted to find.

11 - Uncle Jeremy came to record a song with Mr., the kids loved seeing him when they got home from gymnastics.

12 - Baby Fox was so cute with his reader theater performance, so glad that I was able to attend.

13 - End of the school year party for Baby Fox,  and our baseball team won a party at a play place because we had most volunteer hours, awesome way to end the season and let the kids see each other one last time.

14 - Last day of school for Baby Fox, what a great school year, 2nd grade here we come!

15 -  Fun day with friends, first working out, then pool time at the gym, then came home to more friends and more pool time, great day!

16 - Graduation lunch followed by double date, doesn't get much better than that!

17 - Happy Father's Day, great day celebrating Mr. and Ampa (what my kids call my dad)

18 - Gymnastics day, and Mr. came with us, and then we got In and Out and had dinner with my sister and Dad.

19 -  Love Tuesdays, I drop Baby Fox off at karate for 2 hours, I go to the gym, get a good workout in and then pick him up.

20 - Happy half birthday to Baby Fox, we're going to Great Wolf Lodge!

21 - Had the BEST time at Great Wolf Lodge, Mini Fox feel asleep on Mr. so Baby Fox and I went on a ton of slides together, it was awesome to have some time alone with him.

22 - Mr. had poker night and the wives did a MNO at the cutest wine place.

23 - Apparently feeding the kids is more important than the gym, skipped my class to get milk and eggs for the kids, but caught a different one, then it was a super productive blog day.

24 - Accidental 2 hour nap, not mad about that.

25 - Gymnastics and trampoline class, I love how much they love going.

26 - Build a fort and VBS is really tiring them out, but they love it.

27 -  My favorite workout!

28 - I'm loving my new schedule and how I get to workout 4 days a week, instead of 1.

29 - Both kids finished up their camps with a fun party at the end.

30 - Dinner with friends, always a good time, especially when you are eating ice cream at 9:30pm.

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