Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Color Street Nails Review and Tutorial

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing how I get all the cool nails I've been sporting lately. It's my new obsession and it's called Color Street. Have you heard of it yet? No? Well let me give you a quick recap. They are stickers...and get this, it is actually nail polish! Yep that's right, they are stickers that you stick right to your nails, then apply a top coat and you're good to go. I use a quick dry top coat and I'm doing the dishes 5 minutes later! And the best part, you can take it off with nail polish remover. Simple as that, get really cool designs and you just stick them on your nails. Here is a video I put together for you. Sorry it's so long, but I really wanted to explain how to use Color Street nails and how to apply them. There is a slight learning curve but after a few nails you'll get the hang of it, and by the second time you use them you're a seasoned pro.

Okay, now if you need the pictures and not the video, this is for you:

What You'll Need:

Color Street Nail Polish Stickers
Wood Cuticle Pusher
Nail File
Top Coat (all time favorite of life)


Step 1:

Wipe off your nails with the nail wipe, make sure all previous nail polish has been removed before using the wipe.

Step 2:

Find the nail sticker that best fit your first finger, and tear apart from the rest of the nails.

Step 3: 

Peel off the top clear layer of the nail sticker.

Step 4: 

I find that you can't do this with your thumbs, for your thumbs use the entire sticker, you can cut it to size, so you don't have to file off as much. But for the other fingers you're going to want to try and make the most of the pack that you bought and get two full manicures from it. Which means you're going to have to cut each one in half and use one sticker for two nails.

Step 5:

Stick on nail. If you don't get it right, you can lift up and replace, don't worry about ruining it you won't.

Step 6:

Using the wooden cuticle pusher, remove excess sticker that doesn't fit on your nail around your nail bed.

Step 7:

Using the cuticle pusher and the nail file, file off the excess sticker on the end of your nail. I use the cuticle pusher so the file doesn't have a lot to take off.

Step 8: 

After all nails are done in the manner, use your favorite top coat, and you're done!

How to apply sticker nail polish

Easy application tutorial of Color Street Nails

Have fun with it! There are so many designs and they just came out with a marble design...need to add that to my list!

TIP: Make sure you really rub down the sticker on the nails towards your cuticles. I even try to use the cuticle pusher to push the sticker under the cuticle. If you don't, then they tend to lift a bit and your hair can get caught under them when doing your hair, if that makes sense.

Step 9:

Since this is nail polish, you need to preserve the left over sticker nails. Put your nails back in the plastic package and I use a flat iron to seal shut.

Enjoy and have fun putting on the fun designs that they have. Here are some of the ones that I've done before.

leopard nail polish

A little 4th of July fun.

And of course I have some Halloween nails on right now. They are even glow in the dark. Can I tell how weird it is to see glow in the dark nails when trying to fall asleep, weird.

So who's ready to try it? Here is the link again to buy your own, it's buy three get one free, so you might as well buy 4 right? haha, that's what got me! If you do try them out, tag me so I can see what you did!

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