Friday, October 26, 2018

5 Favorite Hilton Head Purchases

Hi Foxy Friends! Finally Friday! Felt like a super long week but we made it to Friday! Remember this picture from last week Hilton Head recap? Yeah...that was just one day...we had another day with just as many purchases. We really helped the economy when we travel...we all bought so much we thought we would share our top 5 favorite things we got.

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This (similar) red coat, I die, it's so cute. Do I need a coat? No...did I get it anyway, yes. You'll be seeing it a lot...going to wear it any time it dips below 65°(18°C). So Shaunacey might kill me (but she looks super cute, so hopefully not) for this...but she bought the same coat and I didn't take a picture of my jacket. It has the cutest hood EVER! I feel like little red riding hood.

Date Night Dress, it's like I HAD to buy it. A Michael Kors dress for $34 yes please! I have yet to wear it, as the date night we went on last weekend we didn't want to dress up. Maybe I'll save it for Mr.'s birthday in March.

My favorite part is the straps.

I wanted to buy another cross body bag, and I didn't have anything in brown. I like that it is bigger than my other cross body bags and can fit more crap...stuff in it.

Brown Kate Spade Bag (similar)

While at the Kate Spade outlet...I NEEDED this bag, I mean black and white stripe? It was calling my name too. But I had already fond the brown what did I do? I bought both, was a "good" deal.

Black and White Kate Spade Bag   (similar and similar

I bought this bag on the way to the airport...yep we stopped at the outlets, so that we could stop here to buy bags so we could get all of our purchases home! haha. Oops. 

Vera Bradley Travel Bag (similar not the same color)

Now go check out everyone else's favorite purchases from our trip.

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