Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Amazon Prime Purchases: October

I saw Andrea post her favorite Prime Purchases, and she was linking up to Tayna who hosts the link up. I mean how fun is that? We all purchases stuff from Amazon, might as well share the wealth of knowledge of the goodies! Click here to see my past purchases. Okay let's get started!

Mini Fox had a Minnie Ballerina Music Box, and it broke...which apparently if we hadn't broken it, it's now worth $150, whoops! But she was a good sport about it breaking, and after 5 months, we decided to replace it, with a cheaper option than her original one is going for.

My flip flop broke the other day...luckily we were on our way home...so I had to order another pair. This is my third pair. No that doesn't mean the quality is bad, it means I wear my flip flops hard...I mean it's flip flop weather here 9 months out of the year, and I wear the same ones over and over, so this is my 3rd pair in 6 or so years...I think that's pretty good. And they are so dang comfortable!

Last year I made bats with my Circut, but at $7.99 these were a must buy. Plus you can make them 3D. Heck ya!

Last thing I want to share is this skirt. I have always wanted a floor length tulle skirt. Now I need to figure out what top to wear, and if I think it makes me look like an oompa loompa. I got it in black and am thinking it's going to be my Christmas skirt, cause how fun is that?

I do need to either grow 4 inches or get it hemmed. I'm thinking I'll just do it myself...tulle doesn't fray, so if I just cut it straight...I should be good to go right?

I also bought some hoodies for our Halloween Costumes...if you need cheap black or any color hoodies, this little girls hoodie was only $8.20 and it is so, so soft, this boys hoodie was only $6.97. These sweatpants are only $5.50, what a deal right? I can't even get them whole sale for cheaper than that! No where close!
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Can't wait to see what you all bought on Amazon! Anything I NEED?

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