Monday, October 8, 2018

Why You Matter And It's Okay To Be Selfish

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Monday, or is it? Not sure, jury is still out, just kidding. This week is a short week for me because I'm going to see some of the ladies from The Blended Blog! I'm so stinkin excited. We've been planning this trip for 17 months's about time that it's here! Anyway, today over on The Blended Blog we are talking about Self Care...I've previously wrote about 5 Tips For Mom's To Take Care of Themselves, and didn't want to repeat that. Instead I am going to talk about why YOU, as Mom, matter.

       So many times we forget that we were people before we became a Mom. We are so busy creating the childhood that we want our kids to remember that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.  But in order for us to be the best we are, we need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves first. That might look like a coffee in the early morning before the kids wake up, some devotional time before kid pick up, or a workout at the gym. I know for me, when I get so busy carting the kids around and don't make time to workout, I get snippy at the kids, I am not patient, I use harsher tones, and my over all demeanor is off. Now I know, that if I don't make time to workout I am grumpy. I can't be my best self or be the mom I want to be without getting that time to workout.

        Some might say, but my kids NEED me, there is no time to do those things, but really, everyone suffers when Mom is not happy. You NEED to do things that make you happy. To remember who you were before you had kids, before tiny humans needed three meals a day, laundry done, boo-boos kissed, shoes tied, snot wiped, and the list goes on. If you can't do something for just you, when no one is needing anything for you, you yourself can't reset and say, yes I'm ready to conquer the day.

       Guilt: Everyone feels it at some point or another, but just STOP it. Your kids are not going to perish and die, they will be cared for by whoever you have chosen to leave them with. And quite frankly, they'll probably miss you like crazy and welcome you with open arms. You know, distance makes the heart grow fonder. So go and get those nails done, get your hair done, or a massage, work out, take a girls weekend, whatever it is that you need to re-energize so that you can be the best person you can be. Because let's face it, if mom is upset, angry or mad the whole family knows and no one is having a good time.

   So remember, it's okay to take some time for yourself. You matter, you are still who you were before kids, so try not to let them define who you are now. They accessorize who are are, but do not define you. Be a little selfish (although it's not being selfish if you are working on being the best you), and do what makes you happy, even if for just a few minutes a day.

What do you do that is just for you?

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